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Amsterdam Overview

Amsterdam the Dutch capital city is a web of canals, a haunt of voyeurs, a zone of nightly vices, a hub of biking, a lover of Jazz music and an observer of the Nazi atrocity. The heritage capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the place where romance rhymes with beauty, serenity rhymes with sophistication and history rhymes with heritage.

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Amsterdam needs no mirror to reflect its beauty just as ‘Fair faces need no paint’. The being of the city is fragmented by canals in all directions. The city claims to be different from other European cities by virtue of its architectural appeals, watery wonder and green glimpses hanging over the canal fronts. Though a small capital city of Europe, Amsterdam is a cultural, architectural and historical marvel. The canal-front museums, galleries, shopping centres, markets, restaurants, bars and cafes are magnetic highlights of the city fetching visitors in large numbers.

The air of Amsterdam is full of breaths. With a concentration of various zones for biking, shopping, sightseeing, music, drink, drugs, gambling and sex, the city is a thing to all. The history of the city in some parts is eloquent enough to express itself. Life in some other parts of the city brims with fun and entertainment from the evening till midnight. A druggie heaven for stoner visitors and a zone of stag parties for nocturnal revellers and a hub of pleasure-seeking gay men on the one hand. However, Amsterdam is not a city of the lazy and layabout. It is a developed European capital city with thriving prospects for business in travel and tourism, hotel and hospitality.

Amsterdam Photos
Travel to Amsterdam deserves a special mention for the city’s attractions of tourist interest. Adding to the national treasury of the Netherlands are the top attractions in Amsterdam – the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, Science Centre NEMO, Van Gogh Museum, Vondelpark, Civic Guards Gallery, Muiderslot Castle, Zuiderkerk, Dam Square and Bloemensingel the Floating Flower Market. The city houses several magnificent museums, of which the Rijksmuseum is a 200-year old account of the Dutch civilisation from the days of King Louis Napoleon till date. The paintings of 400 artists including Rembrandt in the collection of this museum are reflective of the Dutch Golden Era. A visit to Anne Frank House in the heart of Amsterdam gives a penetrating picture of the grim and gloomy days of the Nazi regime. The house of Anne Frank boasts The Diary of a Young Girl, the telling tale of the unbearable suffering of Jews. The key attraction of Amsterdam travel is a canal cruise ride in and around the city. It is the Van Gogh museum which has made the Dutch capital an eminent presence on the global map of museums.

Time passes like a race horse in the city of Amsterdam as there are many things to do. Take a canal tour of the city to be lost in sightseeing, visit museums to unearth the Dutch history, get on a bike to be flying free in the air, stroll through the rows of seasonal tulips in the floating flower market, make a family picnic in the green embrace of Vondelpark, drench the throat with Dutch drinks, dine out amidst the dimly lit ambience of canal-front restaurants, watch live sex shows in the Red Light district, do skating on the frozen surface of canals in winter and trip a day out of the city for countryside sightseeing. Amsterdam sightseeing is a source of soulful pleasure.

Amsterdam, most probably, tops the list of nightlife destinations in Europe. Abuzz with revelry, nightlife in Amsterdam is an escape from worries and cares, toils and moils. With all sorts of fun activities decent and indecent, Amsterdam is the Las Vegas of Europe. Nights are musical with the engaging performance of Jazz bands and musicians. Party animals gather at the city’s hotspots to chill out nights sprinkling drops of wine and whiskey. Amsterdam is known for its live music venues and Jazz clubs.

Paris and Rome are the shopping capitals of Europe. However shopping in Amsterdam is no less exciting than shopping in these two cities. Amsterdam shopping is described as a sophisticated and relaxed experience. Dam Square packed with multi-storeyed brand stores is the beating shopping hub of the city. De Bijenkorf, Kalvertoren, Maison de Bonneterie and Magna Plaza are the illustrious shopping malls housing major brands of apparels, accessories, cosmetics, knickknacks and other merchandise.

Tourists and travellers are treated with care in the hotels in Amsterdam. Both well-heeled and budget visitors are sure to find accommodation highly hospitable at the city hotels. Many Amsterdam budget hotels are located near the city’s tourist attractions. Stay in Amsterdam is like stay in the lap of homely comfort.

One of the wettest cities of Europe, Amsterdam is a must visit for romance and relaxation, shopping, dancing and drinking and music and mirth. What more?

Amsterdam Overview