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Night Life

Night Life in Amsterdam

One of the partying capitals of Europe, the city of Amsterdam becomes a springboard of fun and entertainment, after the fall of the evening. The city sparkles with the ostentatiously lit visuals of nightlife spots, from the evening till the wee hours. With cheering crowds of revellers’ indulging in drinking and dancing, music and merry-making, the city is an ideal nightlife destination in Europe. Cinemas and theatres are popular means of nocturnal enjoyment in Amsterdam. With an amazing mix of hippies and yuppies haunting pubs, bars and cafes, the city is a fun and fair ground at nights. A romantic walk by the canals is a charming nightlife pleasure for couples on a visit to Amsterdam. The city is full of live music venues, Jazz clubs and beer bars brimming with spells of music, sprinkles of wine and spills of out-of-control fun. You can drink as well as dance the night out there. Here are the handpicked nightlife venues offering the best and most of Amsterdam’s nocturnal extravaganza.

Live Music Venues

If your nights are lazy without music, visit Leidseplein and Rembrantsplein to night out amidst musical trappings. These two venues are full of pubs and clubs and cafes where music is an integral part of nightlife culture in Amsterdam. Amsterdam nightlife is rocking with spells of music at several trendy spots across the cityscape. Sips of drinks and bites of foods in a musical atmosphere shower a spell of pleasure. Packed with lively music and dance venues, Amsterdam has earned the distinction of being called the party capital of Europe. The most sought-after of the music and dance venues are Melkweg, Paradiso, The Power Zone, Supperclub, Escape, Panama, Trouw and The Sugar Factory. These nightlife hotspots rock with Dj music, live bands and contemporary music shows.

Sugar Factory

Night Life in AmsterdamLocated in the centre of the city, Sugar Factory is a most lively nightspot for music lovers who suck pleasure from dancing the night out. Here, evenings are musical to the core. Sugar Factory has the most impressive eclectic programming. Live musical programmes apart, fashion shows, art exhibitions, band performance and multimedia events are the bells and whistles of this city club. Usually, two shows are organised every evening. The easy-going atmosphere of the club makes the visitors relaxed.
Address: Lijnbaansgracht 238, Amsterdam 1017
Phone: +31 (0)20 627 00 08
Hours: Daily 9pm to 4-5am, Tuesday closed
Website:: http://www.sugarfactory.nl/


Night Life in AmsterdamA well-known venue for late night musical entertainment. Energetic rhythms, enthralling ambience and exciting music are what Paradiso is famous for. Performance of bands from across the world is the USP of Paradiso. The terrific acoustics of the club appeal to the performers and audience alike. Weekend evenings are a great sight to catch a cheering crowd of club goers, Jazz lovers, dancers and Djs.
Address: Weteringschans 6-8 Amsterdam 1017
Phone: +31 20 626 4521
Hours: Time varies
Website:: http://www.paradiso.nl/


Night Life in AmsterdamThe most versatile nightlife spot in Amsterdam. Chic and classy, stylish and sophisticated, Escape beats with the pulsating rhythm of music. With a sprawling space accommodating 2,000, Escape is one of the largest live music venues in the city. Partying with the trendy people is a pleasure here. Flooded with lights and visuals, the dancefloor is the centre of attraction. ‘Trendy’ is the buzzword in this club of Amsterdam. Saturday nights are simply rocking here.
Address: Rembrandtplein 11 Amsterdam 1017
Phone: +31 20 622 1111
Hours: Thu 11pm-4am; Fri-Sat 11pm-5am; Sun 11pm-4:30am
Website:: http://www.escape.nl/

The Power Zone

Night Life in AmsterdamThe first megaclub with a huge accommodating capacity in the city of Amsterdam. Accessible from Amstel Station, The Power Zone is located in an industrial zone of the Dutch capital. The floor of this live music venue can accommodate as many as 5000 revellers. Tipping is now allowed here. With round walls, a huge dancefloor, a spacious interior and comfortable sitting arrangement, The Power Zone is a comfy music zone. The second floor of the club houses a lounge area, named Comfort Zone.
Address: Daniel Goedkoopstraat 1-3
Phone: +31 020 6818866
Hours: Fri-Sat, 11pm-5am
Website:: http://www.thepowerzone.nl/


Night Life in AmsterdamEnlisted in the catalogue of popular beer bars is Nol in true Jordaan style. Floral wallpapers, crystal chandeliers and red lights make the ambience of Nol everyone’s cup of tea. Always packed, particularly on weekends, the inside of Nol is abuzz with the deafening voice of the cheering crowd. Nol offers exclusive Dutch wines with the best taste.
Address: Westerstraat 109
Phone: +31 0206245380
Hours: Mon-Fri, 9pm-3am; Sat-Sun, 9pm-4am
Website:: http://www.cafenolamsterdam.nl/

De Admiral

Night Life in AmsterdamThe liquors of Van Wees, one of the city’s independent distilleries, are available at De Admiral. With museum-like interior, De Admiral is a beehive for the boozy. This beer bar is a ‘proeflokaal’ or tasting house where drinking is a style. Besides the panache of the interior, comfortable armchairs and sofas add to the relaxation quotient of the bar. Wonderful outdoor patio is another highlight of De Admiral.
Address: Herengracht 319
Phone: +31 20 6262150
Hours: 4.30pm-12am, Sunday closed
Website:: http://www.admiraalamsterdam.nl/

De Pieper

Night Life in AmsterdamOne of the city’s oldest brown bars. De Pieper dates back to the year of 1665. The beer bar boasts some age-old original furnishings like sand-covered wooden flooring, antique beer mugs hanging from the ceiling and stained glass windows. Drinking amidst the reflections of the 17th century Amsterdam is an experience of the city’s retro culture. The terrace outside, lovely but small, overlooks the beautiful Prinsengracht canal.
Address: Prinsengracht 424
Phone: +31 020 626 47 75
Hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-1am; Sat-Sun, 11am-3am
Website:: N/A


Night Life in AmsterdamReijnders is one of the best trappings for beer buffs in the touristic Leidseplein region of Amsterdam. Established in 1800, it is a traditional brown cafe. With the high-ceilinged elegant interior, the bar serves drinks with sophistication. Waiters dressed in traditional black-and-white cater to the guests efficiently. Drinking while basking in the sun on the outside terrace is a seasonal flavour of Reijnders. Wining and whisking is a luxury pastime here.
Address: Leidseplein 6
Phone: +31 020-6234419
Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-1am; Sat-Sun, 9am-3am
Website:: N/A

Jazz Clubs

Amsterdam is a thriving hub for jazz lovers. Jazz music concerts are among the popular nocturnal activities in the city. Most of jazz concerts are hosted on weekends, in different parts of the Dutch capital. The city welcomes famous Jazz musicians from across the globe during the Rotterdam based North Sea Jazz Festival. Chirpy and cheery is the ambience of bars and cafes whose main attraction is Jazz music making the nightly moments unforgettable , throughout the year.


Night Life in AmsterdamLocated on the northern brink of Red Light District, Casablanca is the place to join the Jazz-loving crowd grooving to live Jazz performances. Live Jazz shows are staged everyday from Sunday to Thursday. This venue to come across the Jazz elite is also known for its cozy ambience, agog with the gusto of revellers. The live music shows continue past midnight. On Thursdays and weekends, Casablanca becomes a karoke show place teeming with music buffs.
Address: Zeedijk 24, 1012 AZ Amsterdam
Phone: +31(0)6-12200519
Hours: Thu-Sun 8pm-3am, Fri-Sat 8pm-4am
Website:: http://www.casablanca-amsterdam.nl/


Night Life in AmsterdamAt a ten-minute long walk away from the heart of Amsterdam, Maloe-Melo is located on the edge of the Lijnbansgracht canal. This Jazz club is known as the ‘home of the blues’ in the city. Live blues shows rock Maloe-Melo most nights. Here, the Jazz evenings are full of kicking. Witness a shocking crowd of blues lovers and musicians at this Jazz club on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Maloe-Melo is the place to spend nights out in the swing of Jazz beats and rhythms.
Address: Lijnbaansgracht 163, 1016 VX Amsterdam
Phone: (+31) (20) 420 45 92
Hours: Thu-Sun 9pm-3am, Fri-Sat 9pm-4am
Website:: http://www.maloemelo.com/

Cafe Alto

Night Life in AmsterdamLooking for a romantic setting to spend a night with friends amidst music? Cafe Alto is the destination for Jazz lovers to stop by. A small brown cafe near Leidseplein, Cafe Alto offers winey entertainment with musical wows. Quenching the thirst for whiskey while grooving to the rhythmic beats of Jazz is the most pleasurable indulgence here. The intimate atmosphere of this walk-in Jazz bar is all the rage with regulars as well as tourists in the city of Amsterdam.
Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115, 1017 PX Amsterdam
Phone: (+31) (20) 6263249
Hours: Weekdays 9pm-3am, weekends 9pm-4am
Website:: www.jazz-cafe-alto.nl


Night Life in AmsterdamBittersweet or Bitterzoet is a stylish and sumptuous Jazz bar with a number of happenings. The bar enjoys a great location between the Dam and the Central Station. Avant-garde musical performance, each night of the week, is a fetching highlight of Bittersweet. Providing a dynamic stage for hip-hop band and theatre performance, the bar is a hit with the youth. Looking for a venue for house parties and rock nights? Most of the attendees are young and dynamic. Bittersweet boasts a chic nightclub with a vibrant stage and a rocking dance floor and a bar to chill out nights. Music remains in full swing till 4am. What to say more? A must visit to get into the spirit of nightlife in the city of Amsterdam.
Address: Spuistraat 2, 1012 TS Amsterdam
Phone: +31(0)20 521 3001
Hours: Thurs-Sun 8pm-3am, Fri-Sat 8pm-4am
Website:: http://www.bitterzoet.com/

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