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Sightseeing around Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a European city, is full of glaring lights on one hand and natural attractions on the other. The countryside around this Dutch city of canals is a sprawling area of green fields, water bodies and hills. The natural beauty of the surrounding countryside is as much appealing as the man-made wonders within the city. Accessible from the capital city, the countries and towns are haunted mostly for soulful sightseeing. To say in the language of John Keats, the sightseeing around Amsterdam is a sensuous experience and a sensual indulgence. Words often fall short of complete expressions. So, make a daytrip from Amsterdam to the surrounding countryside and get rejuvenated by sightseeing.

The Vechtstreek

Sightseeing around AmsterdamA beautiful painting of nature, the Vechtstreek lies between Amsterdam and Utrecht. The natural treasure of this Dutch country attracts tourists round the year. Sightseeing including castles and fortresses, flora and fauna along the river Vecht is a far cry from the glaring city lights. Boating or bicycling is the best means to discover the natural prosperity of the Vechtstreek. The Vinkeveense Plassen and the Loosdrechtse Plassen are two lakes that the Vecht is connected to. The former with 12 islands is ideal for outdoor recreations like diving, water skiing and sailing. The latter serves as an acquatic platform for water sports. The lush and luscious landscape of the Vechtstreek is dominated by many fruit orchards. The aroma of ripe apples, cherries, pears, raspberries, strawberries, plums and blackberries sweetens the ambience. The Rijksmuseum Muiderslot and the Zuylen Castel are the famous Medieval castles, open to visitors in the Vechtstreek.

The Achterhoek

Top Attractions in AmsterdamA Dutch countryside characterized by rural farmhouses as well as majestic castles. The natural beauty of the villages sprawling across the Achterhoek, dotted with woodlands, hedgerows and meadows, is a magical spell. Streams are among the beautifying sightseeing attractions of this Dutch countryside. Cycling or walking through the rural landscape to explore the Achterhoek is like swaying in the swing of nature. The attraction of this Dutch region is the game season spanning from the middle of October to late December. Tourists join the cycling tours to the magnificent castles, mansions and gardens. About thirty restaurants serve delicious game dishes.


Top Attractions in AmsterdamThe smallest of the 12 Dutch provinces, Utrecht is centrally located in the Netherlands. Famous as the cultural treasure trove and the university city of Holland, Utretch offers the best of sightseeing around lakes in the wooded regions. The entire province is viewable from the Dom Tower. Attributing marvels to the natural beauty of this Dutch province are castles, mansions and palaces like the Soestdijk Palace and Slot Zeist. Dierenpark Amersfoort, a zoo in the countryside, is an ideal visit for family fun. The Vecht river, the lakes Loosdrechtse Plassen and Vinkeveense Plassen, and the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a range of hills dotted with pines form the blooming landscape of Utrecht. Cycling along the New Dutch Waterline is recommended for sightseeing.


Top Attractions in AmsterdamA Dutch countryside to view the appealing artifices of nature. Accessible from Amsterdam, Groningen offers a space for walking and cycling in the green. Het Pieterpad is a famous Dutch walking track that starts in Pieterpad. Some areas of Groningen are worth a visit many times for sightseeing. Monuments, museums and shops are the bells and whistles of this Dutch province. Fortress Bourtange gives a picture of the history of Groningen. The uninhabited Wadden islands Rottumerplaat and Rottumeroog with unique varieties of flora and fauna are to the north of this province. Haren the Groningen town is known for its picturesque and panoramic natural surroundings.


Top Attractions in AmsterdamSightseeing is an irresistible attraction of Limburg, the southernmost province of the Dutch country. Unlike the other provinces of the Netherlands, Limburg is a hilly region with sprawling countryside. Limburg is full of highlights, most of which are located across Maastricht. There are mines, basilicas, casemates, restaurants, museums and Mount St. Pieter. The theme parks of Valkenburg are among the bells and whistles of this province. Not only sightseeing but also events are the appeals of Limburg. The most ceremonious event is Carnival, followed by celebrations. Vlaai, a pie with fruit filling, is a mouth-watering culinary offering of Limburg. What more? Brands of beer like Gulpener and Alfa to be found here.


Top Attractions in AmsterdamA beautiful countryside in the lush green Gooi region. One of the fortified Dutch town, Naarden offers breathtaking glimpses of nature and its beauty. Among the highlights of Naarden, the Fortress Museum is a special mention. The museum with fortified walls is a visitworthy spot to view the underground casements and know about the fortressed garrison. A lazy stroll through the green landscape of Nardeen is recommended to discover historical monuments and buildings of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. A daytrip from Amsterdam to thid Dutch province is organised to take tourists to the green surroundings and historical heart of Nardeen.

NH Zandvoort

Top Attractions in AmsterdamLocated between North Sea beachfront and the dunes on Zandvoort Boulevard, NH Zandvoort is a peaceful setting in the solitude of serenity. Circuit Park and Zandvoort resort are a stone’s throw. A ten-minute drive from Amsterdam, NH Zandvoort is easily accessible within half an hour from Keukenhof tulip gardens and Schiphol Airport. Opportunities for biking and walking abound in the surrounding area of Zandvoort Boulevard. Set amidst the countryside beauties and surrounded by dunes, Zandvoort Boulevard is ideal for holiday in the world of nature.

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