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Things to do

Things to do in Amsterdam

Unearth the Dutch History at Museums

Things to do in AmsterdamThe past of a place or person is no history at all. If the present of Amsterdam is full of buzz, the past of the city is eloquent. Amsterdam offers a lot to let the urbanites enjoy themselves and stores many things of centuries to be explored by those for whom the old is gold. The journey of the city to the present decade of 21st century is documented chronologically at the Amsterdam Historisch Museum. The age-old monuments bear a lively account to the city’s evolution and development for the last 8 centuries. The best places to unearth the marvellous history of this Dutch capital during Amsterdam travel are the Rijksmuseum, the Rembrandt House Museum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum.

Unveil the Watery Beauty with Canal Tour

Things to do in AmsterdamThe very first and foremost thing to do in Amsterdam is taking a canal tour around the city. Encircled and crisscrossed by 165 canals, Amsterdam is a wonderful portrait of watery beauty. The locales of the Jordaan, the Museum Quarter and the Pijp are like larger than life pictures bordered by the waterways. Lined by trendy houseboats and shady trees, Prinsengracht is the most picturesque and panoramic of the canals. Cafes, shops and galleries are accessible through the eclectic gallery of splendid canals. Experiencing a canal tour is a most pleasant memory to let you feel nostalgic over the days of travel to Amsterdam.

Breathe in the Free Spirit while Biking

Things to do in AmsterdamCycling is quintessentially the best means of breathing in the free atmosphere and feeling the spirit of Amsterdam. Cycling plays instrumental in the thriving communication of the city. It is natural to see the bike lanes teeming with bikers during peak hours of the day. Go on a biking tour, if you wish to make an engaging album of Amsterdam by capturing even small wonders in photographs. The daily ritual of biking has become synonymous with the identity of Amsterdam. You can join a guided biking tour.

Nurture the Passion for Ice-skating

Things to do in AmsterdamIf Amsterdam is the destination to stop at, if skating is your passion. The frozen canals make an active playground for ice skating in the months of winter. Outdoor and indoor ice rinks are riding the waves of popularity, with success of the Dutch on the global speed-skating platform. Fearless skaters wander around the narrow city canals. Thialf in Heerenveen is the largest skating zone. The skating enthusiasts gather in the Vondelpark and join a 20km long skating tour once a year.

Make a Day Trip out of Amsterdam

Things to do in AmsterdamThe city of Amsterdam is as beautiful outside as it is inside. Travelling between countryside towns of the Netherlands is a heart-warming experience. Train is the most suitable and convenient mode of communication between Amsterdam and the surrounding towns. The train journey to the suburbs like Delft, Haarlem and Leiden is full of marvels. With any city or town in the Netherlands no farther than a 3-hour long drive, Amsterdam is an ideal hub for the day trippers. A day trip from the heart of the capital city to the towns nearby is a cinch. Endless is the list of beautiful towns and cities in the Randstad.

Stroll through the Blooming Wonderland

Things to do in AmsterdamThe Netherlands takes pride in the beauty of tulips which grow in abundance all over Amsterdam. The sight of bulb flowers is more charming and colourful at no other places than Keukenhof. Keukenhof is the most famous and popular flower park in Lisse, a bus journey of 35-40 minutes from the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Walk past the rows of brilliantly hued tulips in Keukenhof, an outdoor wonderland which receives crowds of flower lovers from high and low during seasons of blooms.

Can’t make a trip to Amsterdam in the tulip season? Don’t lose heart. Visit the Amsterdam Tulip Museum that iw home to the cultural history of tulip, the favourite flower of the Netherlands. To say more about the floral beauty of Amsterdam, there is Flower Market or Bloemenmarkt, a complex of flower stalls floating on a canal. It resembles a garden full of blooms from a distance.

Enjoy the Warm Embrace of Greenery

Things to do in AmsterdamPamper your holiday mood by doing picnic in the open and amidst the green in Amsterdam. The largest open space with fresh air and greenery everywhere is the Vondelpark in the city. Named after Joost van den Vondel, one of the best-known poets of the Dutch land, the park continutes to thrive with pleasure and fun activities in the summertime. The Vondelpark is filled with vibrant space for multiple activities like walking, cycling and football. The balmy summer evenings are rocking with cultural functions, concerts, live music shows, etc taking place at the Vondelpark Openluchttheater. Leave yourself to the warm embrace of the park and mingle with the fun-loving citizens.

Warm up with Spicy Indonesian Cuisines

Things to do in AmsterdamAmsterdam houses many classy restaurants to entertain its visitors and food buffs with exclusive Indonesian cuisines. The culinary offerings of the city are multiple and awesome. Warming up yourself with hot spicy soups like erwtensoep in the thick of winter is a rare pleasure to enjoy to your heart’s content. Have a soulful relish of the rijsttafel, a spicy Indonesian appetiser that is famous as a Dutch cononial invention. The origin of this celebratory meal dates back to the post-war history of the country. Offering a rich mix of the Indonesian and Surinamese food palette is Amsterdam. The Dutch capital also offers the best picks of snack items from the Surinamese-Indonesian-Chinese cuisine. Consuming French fries in abundance is a gastronomic delight to experience in Amsterdam.

Mingle with the People over Drinks

Things to do in AmsterdamThe offering of drinks defines the spirit of a city. The spirit of Amsterdam is no less exciting and enthralling than that of other European cities. Drinking is a nice excuse to mingle with the citizens of Amsterdam frequenting cafes and bars at night. Central to the way of daily life in the Dutch capital, drinking is a part of the rocking nightlife after the dark. Most cafes and bars throw thier doors open in the morning and pull the shutters down after 3am on weekends. The wide range of drinks available may leave you spoilt of choice. The musical ambience of some night bars makes drinking a temptation for the boozy.

Stroll through Corridors of Red Lights

Things to do in AmsterdamIndulge in voyeurism, with a stroll through the lanes of cheesy sex shops and the corridors of red-lit glass boxes in De Wallen, the Red Light district of Amsterdam. Though the city is notoriouos for rampant practice of prostitution, the picture is not so black as it is supposed to be. Penetrate the red light of De Allen to see the grandeur of monumental architectures. De Wallen houses a number of chic restaurants. May be, sex tourism is not your cup of tea. But a voyeuristic visit to the red light district is a new experience to be gathered by the tourists with inquisitive minds.

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