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Top Attractions

Top Attractions in Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum

Top Attractions in AmsterdamReflecting the cultural opulence and historical treasure of the Dutch civilization are the collections on a spectacular display at the Rijksmuseum. One of the most magnificent museums in the world, this museum of Amsterdam has been standing tall for above 200 years. If the history of the museum’s origin and evolution is to be explored, it dates back to the regime of King Louis Napoleon whose desired ardently to make Amsterdam an international centre of art and science. Initially, it was named the Royal Museum. The museum received its present name from the Dutch King Willem the First in 1815. Designed by Petrus J.H. Cuypers the famous

Dutch architect, the building features the neo-Renaissance style along with neo-Gothic elements in decoration. The contemporary exhibition at The Rijksmuseum features the beautiful paintings of the Dutch Golden Era from as many as 400 Dutch masters. Rembrandt, Jan Steen, Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals are a few reputed names to mention. The Night Watch, a famous painting by Rembrandt, is the most precious jewel in the collections of this museum. A thing of joy forever, The Night Watch fires the imagination of budding artists. Enriching the treasure of the museum are antique robes, jewellery, pottery, furniture and tapestries, etc from the Middle Ages.

The Rijksmuseum remains open from 9am to 6pm every day. Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited.

Anne Frank House

Top Attractions in AmsterdamOne of the top attractions in Amsterdam is Anne Frank House which is a living witness to the inexplicable hardships faced by the Frank family during the 2-year long period of hiding in the Nazi regime. A visit to Anne Frank House is a move back to the days of captivity and cruelty during the Second World War when Anne Frank, a Jewish girl, had written the most famous diary penning the suffering of Jews in the hands of Nazis. The diary was published as The Diary of a Young Girl in 1947. Though the house is small, it receives one million visitors a year, on account of its historical significance that is immeasurable. The most touching part of the house, the original Anne Frank Diary is on display. Several documentary films on the life of Anne Frank in the hiding are available here.

Amsterdam Canals

Top Attractions in AmsterdamThe city centre of Amsterdam is divided by 165 canals and connected by over 1200 bridges. The canal ways are lined with trees forming lush landscape around the city. A boat trip from one canal to the other is an unforgettable ride around Amsterdam, enjoying the gripping glimpses of the city’s natural beauty. Offering a feeling of peace and freedom in the solitude of serenity, the boat trip is enthralling. Known as the Venice of the North, Amsterdam was built around the Dam in 1250. Canal cruise is one of the biggest attractions of the city to travellers from around the globe. In the season of summer, the canals crawl with boats and teem with traffic. Amsterdam is also famous for pleasure boating. There are 15000 registered pleasure boats in the city. Canal cruise boats dominate the quiet watery landscape round the year except a few occasions. With 65 miles of canal route, Amsterdam is the most beautiful watery destination in the world. On offer is every kind of waternborne entertainment, along with canal cruise.

Science Centre NEMO

Top Attractions in AmsterdamScience Centre NEMO, a favourite with everyone from children to the old, is a state-of-the-art science and technology museum. Designed by Renzo Piano a renowned Italian architect, the museum is housed in a beautiful boat-shaped building. Lots of scientific experiments, technical tools and models are on display all over the giant green hull in the museum. A nice place to smell, feel and think of science and technology. The four floors of the museum building offer space for fun and excitement with various tools, instruments and games. The largest science museum in the Netherlands, NEMO is a must visit for the grown-up too. There are cafes inside the premises. The visitors can do picnic on the terrace to have some fun moments on a sunny day. The view of the surrounding from the roof is splendid and spectacular. The museum is open from 10-5 pm, Tuesday-Sunday.

Van Gogh Museum

Top Attractions in AmsterdamOne of the attractions of Amsterdam travel. Situated between the Stedelijk Museum and the Rijksmusuem in Amsterdam’s Museum quarter, the Van Gogh Museum possesses the largest collection of artwork in the world. More than 700 letters, 500 drawings and 200 paintings by Vincent Van Gogh have added to the opulence of the collection and the magnificence of the exhibition. The work by Van Gogh is chronologically organised into five categories, each representing a particular phase of development of the artist’s life and work. A multidimensional exhibition of artworks by 19th century sculptors and painters, contemporaries of Van Gogh, is another crowd-puller. The Van Gogh Museum is a favourite haunt of the budding artists.


Top Attractions in AmsterdamThe largest park sprawling over a vast green area in the city of Amsterdam. Close to the eminent museums of the city, the Vondelpark teems with locals and tourists alike, during the season of summer and on the sunny days of winter. The greenery hanging around the park is soothing and refreshing. Inside the park is a huge space for strolling and wandering. There are three outside cafes and an open-air venue for concert. The ambience of the park is alive and kicking with musical performances like African drums, jazz singers and classical quarters. Far from the maddening crowd of the city, the park offers a retreat to relaxation in the swing of greenery. The atmosphere remains vibrant with regular performances organised by the Vondelpark Open Air Theater in the months of summer. Pop concerts and film screenings are frequently held here. No doubt, a pleasant place to have some lazy moments.

Civic Guards Gallery (Schuttersgalerij)

Top Attractions in AmsterdamVisit to the Civic Guards Gallery is one of the free things to do in the city of Amsterdam. The gallery is easily accessible from Kalverstraat, the busiest commercial street and the courtyard of Begijnhof. The exhibition is not a huge one, but casts a lasting spell over the eyes. The gallery houses the larger-than-life portraits of the opulent citizens of Amsterdam and provides a platform for charitable pursuits by the noble citizens. The decoration of Civic Guards Gallery is chic and classy. Admission of the gallery is absolutely free. The gallery is open daily from 10-5 pm.

Muiderslot Castle

Top Attractions in AmsterdamA must visit for the tourists who love to breathe in an air of sonority. 15 km away from the southeast of Amsterdam, the Muiderslot Castle is situated on the Vecht river in the Ijseelmeer. The history of the castle dates back to the late 13th century. Count Floris V ordered the construction of the castle after he got the possession of an area near the Sea of Utrecht. Utrecht is a famous trade town of the time in the Netherlands. The Muiderslot Castle has been raised to the status of a national museum. The interior of the castle has been restored to the look it had in the 17th century. Many arms and armour are on a display in some of the rooms. Children’s tour to the castle is full of surprise. Children can dress up as knights, plays several exciting games and climb the West Tower of the castle.


Top Attractions in AmsterdamThe first Protestant church of Amsterdam with the most splendid tower. Constructed during the period of 8 years from 1603 to 1611, Zuiderkerk features a sophisticated Renaissance style in the design of the interior, created by Hendrick de Keyser. Since 1988, the Zuiderkerk has been a municipal information centre where exhibitions are organised regularly giving a complete picture of the transformations, the city has undergone from the Middle Ages till the present decade. At the Zuiderkerk, the tourists being in love with Amsterdam can collect lots of information to satisfy their curiosity about the development of the city. A guide tour is offered between 12 and 3.30 pm. The Zuidertoren Tower offers spectacular views of the surrounding.

Defence Line of Amsterdam

Top Attractions in AmsterdamA fortification stretching 135 km around the city of Amsterdam, the Defence Line of Amsterdam was built between 1880 and 1920, for controlling the waters. Also known as Stelling van Amsterdam, it consists of 2 fortresses, 2 coastal forts, 2 coastal batteries, 3 batteries and 36 forts. The Defence Line has made its way to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site, on account of being an outstanding feat of Dutch hydraulic engineering, incorporated into the protection of the capital city. This edifice is of universal value as an integrated defence system.

Dam Square

Top Attractions in AmsterdamThe only place to be at to feel the pulse of life in Amsterdam. The beating heart of the city, Dam Square is a busy and bustling trading hub consisting of Dam, National Monument and Royal Palace. From the steps of the National Monument, you can have an eyeful of De Bijenkorf a renowned department store on the right. On the left side of the National Monument is Rokin the Amsterdam Diamond Centre. Rokin is exclusively known for Maison de Bonneterie, the upmarket department store and cigar shop Hajenius. Close to the Royal Palace is the Magna Plaza, an upscale department store for trendy shopping.

Bloemensingel, Floating Flower Market

Top Attractions in AmsterdamThe place to see the colours and smell the fragrance of Amsterdam in all seasons is the flower market floating at the Singel Canal. The sight of the floating barges with merchandise on display is like a beautiful painting. The floating flower market on the Singel, one of the oldest canals, was inaugurated in 1862. Since then, it has been the most famous flower market of Holland. No matter which flower is your favourite, you will surely find it here. However, traditional Dutch tulips are the magic of the market.

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