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Events in Athens

Athens the Greek capital is a city of art and theatre lovers. The Athenians are proud of their cultural history and heritage. Their pride is reflected in the ambience of Athens during events and festivals round the year. Each of the cultural events and religious festivities held across the city is a ceremonious extravaganza. The achaeological sites dotting the cityscape are hotbeds of fun and festive activities like musical programmes, band performance and theatre shows. The Acropolis and the Agora come alive and kicking as theatres hosting cultural events which many eminent artistes from across the world participate in. Summer is the best season of travel to Athens as the months of summer are full of events and festivals in the city. If you intend to tour Athens during summer spanning from June to September, make sure to book accommodation in advance, at hotels in Athens which are among the top hotels in Europe. Holidaying in Athens during festive seasons of Greece is sure to be a memorable part of your Europe travel.

The Hellenic Festival

Athens event The Hellenic FestivalKeeping tourism in Greece in full swing is the Hellenic Festival or the Annual Athens event in Athens. With this biggest cultural extravaganza spanning over four months from June to September, summer is the most eventful season of tour to the Greek capital city. The Hellenic Festival organised in the Herodes Atticus theatre of Athens is the most joyous celebration of Greekness following a string of performances: opera, ballet, classical music & dance, jazz and theatre shows. Artistes from across the world participate in this festival to showcase their talents. Since 1955 when Alexander Papagos governed Greece, this Athenian festival has come a long way with a rich history of over 55 years. Some of the bigwigs from the global entertainment field, who have graced the Hellenic Festival with their presence and performance, are Callas, Pavarotti, Rostropovich, Mitropoulos, Leonidas Kavakos, Savvopoulos, Theodorakis, Dimitris Sgouros, Protopsalti, Hadjidakis, Elton John, Dalaras and Marinella.
Venue: Theatre of Herodes Atticus
Date: 2 June to 28 September
Website: http://www.greekfestival.gr

Lykavittos Theatre Festival

Athens event Lykavittos Theatre FestivalLykavittos Theatre festival is a festival in air. Organised at the hilltop Lykavittos theatre, this festival is a most inviting highlight of travel to Athens. Set on the summit of Lykavittos hill, the theatre is spacious enough to accommodate a crowd of 4,000 audience. Artistic performances and musical concerts are staged at this open air theatre during the months of summer. Such music maestros of international repute as Bob Dylan, BB King and Phillip Glass have rocked the stage of Lykavittos Theatre with their powerhouse performance. The hilltop cultural entertainment in the open is a romantic experience.
Venue:Top of Lykavittos Hill
Date: June – September
Website: N/A

Dionyssia Wine Festival

Athens event Dionyssia Wine FestivalThe city of Athens comes alive as an international platform for wine lovers from along the length and breadth of the world during the Dionyssia Wine Festival. The most spectacular exhibition of Greek wines is part of this Athenian fest which takes place at the Zappeion Megaron in the National Gardens near Syntagma Square, the centre of Athens. The venue is easy to access by public transportation like the Metro. Dionyssia is close to the Syntagma Metro Station. It is a great opportunity to get familiar with the varieties and names of Greek wines of major brands in the Dionyssia Wine Festival. This festival of Athens is a meeting point of wine experts and wine buffs.
Venue: Zappeion Megaron, National Gardens
Date: Last week of February
Website: http://www.dionysia.gr/

Athens Marathon

Athens event Athens MarathonThe spirit of youth brimming with energy and enthusiasm is felt in the ambience of Athens during the Athens Marathon. Held in the month of November, this youthful event attracts runners from across the globe. The athletes who participate in this national event trace the route running from Athens to Marathon. The legendary 42km long race comes to an end at the Panathenaic Stadium in the centre of Athens. The Athens Marathon is held, every year, in memory of the most celebrated Greek runner Pheidippidis who had run the 42km long distance to Athens in order to announce the victory of the Greeks over the Persians in the historic battle of Marathon in 490 BC. It is one of the most arduous and astonishing feats to witness in the capital city of Greece.
Venue: Athens
Date: November
Website: http://www.athensmarathon.com/

August Moon Festival

Athens event August Moon FestivalAugust is the month when Athens is full of cheers. Of the festivities of Athens in the month of August, the Full Moon festival holds a special attraction. During this festival, both locales and tourists are allowed free entry to the city’s major monuments, museums and archaeological sites. Moreover, most of the heritage sites across the city host classical concerts and other musical programmes in the evening. Flooded by silvery beams of the full moon, Athens becomes a bride for a night during this festival every year. A nightly visit to the Acropolis, the Agora, the Odieon of Herodes Atticus and the Syntagma Square on the Full Moon Festival day is a visit to the most spectacular exhibition of classical ruins and remains amidst illuminations.

Venue: Historic sites across Athens
Time: August
Website: N/A

Rockwave Festival

Athens event Rockwave FestivalThe most fabulous musical extravaganza in Greece. The Rockwave Festival, a magnetic attraction of Athens, is one of the biggest music events in Europe. This three-day long festivity drives a brigade of youth to the Greek capital city from round the globe. The ambience of the city rocks with the performance of international rockstars and popstars. Attracting the leading music bands of international repute, the Rockwave Festival is the hottest draw of the year. Since its introduction in 1996, the event has come a long way.
Venue: Terra Vibe Park, Athens
Time: July
Website: http://www.rockwavefestival.gr


Athens event EpiphanyA Greek festival of divers in the city of Athens. Globally known as the ‘Blessing of the Waters’, Epiphany is the culmination of the twelve day long celebration of Christmas. In Athens, the ports teem with boats and the beaches teem with divers during this festival held on 6th January. The festival begins the moment priests throw crosses into the water. Young men dive into the water braving the cold and try their best to retrieve the crosses in order to get blessed by the priests. Evidently, epiphany is a holy ceremony full of religious fervour. The biggest observance of Epiphany takes place at Piraeus offering a picture of enthusiasm and excitement among the divers. This event of Athens is also called the Fota or Phota and the saint’s day.
Venue: Piraeus, Athens
Date: 6th January
Website: N/A

European Music Day

Athens event European Music DayOf the events in Athens, the European Music Day festival is celebrated with a bash in the capital and other cities of Greece. With waves of music, each street and square of Athens comes alive as a stage for performance. This grand musical gaga continues enthralling the locals and travellers in the city from 19 to 23 of June. A festive mood hangs heavy over the entire city. As many as 500 music bands from all over Greece and other countries of Europe give a great account of their talent on stages across the cityscape of Athens. The festival offers an unimaginable sight of music addicts and merry makers dancing to the rhythmic beats of music.
Venue: 27 Tsoha, Athens
Date: Daily
Website: http://www.europeanmusicday.gr/

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