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Getting Around

How to Get around in Athens

Time and money are the crucial factors to be taken care of, during a trip to an offshore city or country. If the ways to get in and around a city are not smooth, the travellers have to spend a plenty of time and money. However, visitors hardly find any reason to complain about the ways of Athens. Though the metro line in the city has not yet been developed fully, the metro service is smooth and comfortable. The city surface is an intricate web of bus and tram routes making getting around in the city a roller-coaster ride. Moped ride is the most convenient for tourists wishing to discover the hidden beauty of the city’s historic lanes. Athens is one of the few European capital cities which have smooth and safe pedestrian zones. Here are more details to help you travel to Athens.


Metro in AthensMetro running from one direction to another in Athens is a high-tech transport medium. The metro journey is fast, safe and comfortable. Of the metro stations, Syntagma Square station is a museum in itself. Decorated and floored with marbles, Syntagma Square station is a gateway to Syntagma Square, the pulsating commercial, cultural and historical centre of contemporary Athens with the parliament building. The photos of Athens dating back by 100 years from now, at the entrance of this metro station grab eyeballs. Tickets are available from automatically operated machines. The escalator service is available all time during the metro hours. The trains are fully automated. The metro service is not available after midnight. In Athens, the metro ride is as much pleasurable as a stroll through the corridors of museums.

Moped Rental

Moped Rental in AthensThe most popular medium to get around in Athens is by moped. Moped rental service is available all over the city and in any suburban town. Usual rent for a moped scooter is €10 a day. One must have a driver’s license to rent a moped vehicle, pay the fee in advance and keep the passport as a token of guarantee to return the moped on time. Riding a moped is the best way to get to know the city, explore the squares and move around the archaeological sites. Using helmet is a must in some parts of the city. Moped ride is not safe in busy commercial city squares. This rental transport service is opted for by travellers during their journey to the nearby islands and towns.


Tram in AthensOne of the hottest and hippest clubs in Athens. The cradle of rocking nights, Horostasion has its three floors dedicated to different forms of music. The club hosts special programmes and functions on weekend nights. Popular trends of the city’s hip-hop culture can be seen at Horostasion. The young crowd dressed in trendy attires keep grooving to rock and pop tunes till the daybreak. Visit Horostasion to chill the night out with a style. At daytime, Horostastion operates as a relaxing cafe and serves desserts, sandwiches and iced coffee.


Bus in AthensBus is a cheap public transport system in Athens and in its suburbs. You can get in and around the city by bus or trolley. For a visitor who is not familiar with the ways of Athens, it takes time to identify the bus or buses which will take him to his destination. In the centre of the city, most buses often run packed with passengers. Bus tickets are available from kiosks scattered all over the cityscape. One ticket costs .50€. Travellers can a single ticket or a packet of ten tickets. Ticket checking is very strict and done periodically. With the same ticket, you can move from a blue A-line bus to another blue A-line bus while heading out of the city. 60 and 150 no. minibuses serve free of charge in central Athens. For directions, maps, timetables and route details, check out www.oasa.gr/ the website of the Athens Urban Transport Organisation.


Car in AthensCar is not absolutely a convenient means of transportation in Athens, due to heavy traffic at daytime. It is difficult to find a parking place in the busy commercial streets and squares. Take note that you may have to pay a hefty surcharge if you take a car on rent at the airport. Driving a car in Athens means struggling through the traffic to get around in the city. Major car service rental agencies such as Alamo, Budget, Hertz, Dollar, National, Avis, Thrifty and Europcar have their offices at the Athens International Airport and other venues in the capital city. The roads are being improved to smoothen the car service to and from the airport. As the car rental service is flexible, hiring a car is a better option for travellers to see the countryside around Athens.


Taxi in AthensOver 15,000 taxis are on the run crisscrossing the city of Athens. But it is not always easy to find an empty taxi. Reserving a radio taxi is a good idea that works better for tourists in the city. Taxis are inexpensive and drivers are honest making a living zipping through the city’s gridlock. However, some taxi drivers plying to and from the airport and the tourist spots, often overcharge the foreign travellers. The enterprising taxi drivers offer attractive city tour, countryside tour and Greek island tour deals for tourists. It is advisable to make a clear argument about the charges and conditions before buying such a tour deal from any taxi driver. The minimum taxi fare is 2.80€ in Athens. In Greece, taxis can pick up passengers until it is full. Though a taxi has passengers, you can flag the taxi if there is a seat empty inside. Most taxis have in-built GPS system. Generally, a taxi trip from the airport to the centre of the city, between early morning and midnight, costs 25-35€. .32€ is the one metre rate per kilometre. Luggage costs the same per 10 kilograms. 15 radio taxi companies are in service in the capital city. Some of them are Athina (phone: 210/921-7942), Parthenon (phone: 210/532-3300), Express (phone: 210/993-4812) and Piraeus (phone: 210/418-2333).

On Foot

On Foot in AthensIt is a good idea to go on foot in and around Athens for those who wish to view details of the cityscape. Travellers can tread the pedestrian zones to enjoy window-shopping and sightseeing in the Plaka, Kolonaki and the Commercial Triangle , bounded by Syntagma, Monastiraki and Omonia squares. There are walkways around the Acropolis, the Agora, Kerameikos and Thissio. Walking in and around Athens does not invite danger, though motorcyclists often violate the rules. Athens is not absolutely safe for wheelchair users. The city’s sports venues and metro stations are accessible on wheelchair. It is easy to access and get around the Acropolis area on wheelchair. Some streets in central Athens, metro stations and tourist sites have sidewalks to be used by the visually impaired.