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Night Life

Night Life in Athens

Greeks are as well known for their history, heritage, architecture and cuisine as for nightlife culture. The capital city Athens is the liveliest centre of nightlife culture in Greece. Nighting out with indulgence in all sorts of revelries is not a seasonal activity but a part of daily life in Athens. Athenians are as active and alive at night as they are during daytime. The sprawling cityscape is dotted with chic and classy nightlife venues – bars, clubs, pubs, discos and cafes. Rooftop and waterfront nightlife hotspots offer an escape to the world of nightingales and the land of lotus eaters, far away from the monotony of day-to-day life. The Athenian nightlife is cool as well as charming on one hand, and hot as well as happening on the other. The city houses nightlife zones for everyone: theatre lovers, cinema and music buffs, book smarts, fashion fanatics, and the dance-loving boozy. Get out of yourself while enjoying your nights during travel to Athens. Make much of your Europe vacation with a visit to the best venues for nightly ventures in Athens.


Galaxy nightlife in AthensOne of the rooftop nightlife destinations in Athens is Galaxy on the terrace of the Hilton Hotel overlooking the Acropolis. A favourite haunt of the city’s celebrities, Galaxy is a hip and hot bar. The inside is furnished with well-refurbished plush sofa sets. Though the space is not huge, it is easy to breathe here. The cosy ambience is a hallmark of Galaxy. Visit to this rooftop nightly spot is an obsession with many visitors as their excitement of viewing the illumined Acropolis from the terrace gets mixed with the pleasure of sipping drinks and munching on savoury Asian finger foods. The bar is extended to a restaurant offering palatable barbecued foods. Galaxy is the most happening place for the boozy craving for vodka, whisky and cocktails.
Address: 46 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue
Hours: Sun-Thurs 6pm-3am; Fri & Sat 6pm-4am
Phone: +30 210 728 1402
Website: http://www1.hilton.com

Wild Rose

Wild Rose nightlife in AthensA late night dance club for the hot and the trendy. Though Athenians in their teens, 20s and 30s begin crowding at Wild Rose to sip drinks and shake legs right after the dark falls, the atmosphere feels hot after midnight when temperature soars high. The mood of Wild Rose changes every day to keep the ambience engaging throughout the week. Tuesday nights are musical with live band performance; 80’s music is an irresistible attraction of Wednesday nights; Thursday nights are popularly known as ‘Girl Power’. There are special drink choices for women. Yuppies and hippies from the suburbs of Athens, frequent Wild Rose to mingle with the city’s fashionistas. Wild Rose is the best escape from chilly cold during winter nights.
Address: 10 Panepistimiou St Athens
Hours:Tue-Sat 11pm-4am, closed in summer
Phone: +30 210 728 1405
Website: N/A


Horostasion nightlife in AthensOne of the hottest and hippest clubs in Athens. The cradle of rocking nights, Horostasion has its three floors dedicated to different forms of music. The club hosts special programmes and functions on weekend nights. Popular trends of the city’s hip-hop culture can be seen at Horostasion. The young crowd dressed in trendy attires keep grooving to rock and pop tunes till the daybreak. Visit Horostasion to chill the night out with a style. At daytime, Horostastion operates as a relaxing cafe and serves desserts, sandwiches and iced coffee.
Address 2 Skouleniou St Athens
Hours: Daily 10am-4am
Phone: +30 210 331 4330
Website: N/A


Island nightlife in AthensA Greek nightlife destination where shophistication and style go hand in hand. The atmosphere, the ambience, the appeal are simply unique. A hot favourite of Athenians, Island Bar has spacious, exquisite interior with upscale decor. Delicious cuisines and cocktails are served to the bar goers. The location of the bar is stunningly beautiful, commanding panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. At Island Bar, the culinary offerings consist of some of the tongue-friendly Greek delicacies. Island Bar is one of the nicest Greek clubs for the chic guys and gals to enjoy nighting out.
Address: 16671 Varkiza, Vouliagmen, Sounio Avenue
Hours: Till midnight
Phone: +30 210 965 3563
Website: http://www.islandclubrestaurant.gr


Faces nightlife in AthensCool, chic and charming. These three adjectives better describe what Faces is. If drinking with a style is your cup of tea, Faces is the ideal choice. Full of glitz and gleam, lustre and luxury, Faces is a restaurant cum cafe cum bar. Offering dollops of good music, bites of nice food and sips of drinks, it is a sumptuous space of luxury for nightly leisure. The atmosphere is cosy to the core and the interior is stylish from cover to cover. The luxury of leisure is a hallmark of Faces in Athens.
Address: Zisimopoulou 10, 16674 Athens
Hours: Daily, till midnight
Phone: +30 210 898 0140
Website: http://www.facesglyfada.gr/

Frame Bar

Frame Bar nightlifeA lustrous space offering beautiful moments of luxury in the dark of night. One of the trendiest and hippest nightlife spots in the city of Athens, Frame Garden Bar is one of the shining stars of St. George Lycabettus a uber luxury hotel. Located in the heart of Kolonaki, a posh area in central Athens, Frame Garden Bar is an open-air bar-lounge-restaurant with an escape to a different world where nights are chilled out, wines are warm and music is full of mirth during summer months. Ecological in atmosphere and enchanting in ambience, the bar offers a la carte menu full of mouth-watering flavors tickling each and every taste bud.
Address:St. George Lycabettus Hotel, 1 Deinokratous Str., Kolonaki
Hours: Daily nights in summer months
Phone: + 30 210-7290711-19
Website: http://www.sglycabettus.gr/


Venue in AthensAn Athenian hotspot of epical highlights for nocturnal party animals. Venue is a cool place to feel hot on weekend nights. The interior dazzles with Swarovski crystals and shines with silky black finishes. This nightclub rocks with three dance floors for the restless young yuppies. On stepping on the floor, the guests are greeted by the sensual warmth of nights. Djs keep the revellers dancing to the latest hot tunes. Influencing the mood of Venue for mischief is uninhibited drinking.

Address: 130 Pireos, Athens 11854
Hours: Fri, Sat: 11pm – late
Phone: +30 210 341 1410
Website: http://www.venue-club.com


Balux in AthensNighting out with your dearest one at a waterfront outdoor cafe, lit with ceramic glass candles, chilled out with mild sea breezes, cushioned with soft pillows, flooded with beautiful sea views and vibrant with mirthful music. Such nights are not mere dreams but do exist at Balux a cafe cum bar cum lounge. An exotic and exclusive nightlife destination, Balux boasts a swimming pool in the middle. The nightly ambience of Balux brightens and comes alive, while darkness grows after sunset. Balux makes a luxurious space of the balmy beach by complementing it with cushioned and curtained settings for utter comfort.
Address: 58 Asteria, Posidonos Avenue, 16674 Glyfada Athens
Hours: From evening to late midnight
Phone: + 30 210 894 1620
Website: http://www.asterascomplex.com


gazARTE in AthensA complete nightlife destination in Athens. GazARTE boasts a bookstore, a cinema theatre, a live entertainment hall, a cocktail bar and a rooftop cafe. GazARTE is a thing to all catering to the needs of cinema buffs, book smarts, cafe crazies and cocktail lovers at nights. It is a trendy place with lively ambience, offering a great nightly view of the city. Fetching a flight of night owls to the entertainment hall are live music gigs. Stag parties are usual attractions of gazARTE.

Address:Voutadon 32-34, Gazi 11854 Athens
Hours: From evening to midnight
Phone: + 30 210 345 2277
Website: http://www.gazarte.gr


Akrotiri nightlife in AthensThe destination of all nightly ventures in the Greek capital city. Akrotiri is the place to rub shoulders with the glamorous and sophisticated lot. Popularly known as Akrotiri Boutique, this nightlife venue is newly decorated and modelled like a Miami-style playground. The space sprawls both inside and outside. At Akrotiri, each night has its own attractions. The huge swimming discoball is the centre of attraction. Akrotiri has all the makings of a uber modern nightclub to define luxury.

Address: Vassileos Georgiou Street, Aghios Kosmas, Kalamaki, Athens
Hours: Indoor: year round. Outdoor: June-Sept, Daily: 11pm-late night
Phone: +30 210 985 9147
Website: http://www.akrotirilounge.gr/

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