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Sightseeing around Athens

Sightseeing around Athens is what takes you close to history and heritage, sea and sky. The beauty of Greece reveals itself in and around Athens. Sightseeing outside the capital city means making a trip to the close-by historical towns housing archaeological sites and romantic destinations including islands. The archaeological sites with impressive artefacts speak eloquently of the classical era, whereas the islands are hotbeds for beach holidays full of romantic moments. The magic of sightseeing around Athens is not a myth but a reality.


Athens Sightseeing DelphiThe charm of sightseeing around Athens remains unfelt withtout a visit to Delphi. Located in the Prefecture of Fokida, north of Athens, Delphi is regarded as “The Navel of the World”. A drive to this hub of archaeological sites from the city of Athens takes approximately 3 hours. The most prominent as well as picturesque of the archaeological sites are the Temple of Apollo and the Oracle of Pithia. Numerous priceless artefacts were unearthed during archaeological excavations in this area. Offering an engaging picture of Ancient Delphi are the artefacts, most of which are on display in the new Archaeological Museum. If you are fond of snow sports like skiing, make your way to Mt. Parnassos during a trip to Delphi in winter.


Athens Sightseeing SantoriniAn ideal honeymoon destination for the newly married on a tour to Athens. Santorini is a romantic Greek island in the Aegean Sea where sunset is a wonderful magic of nature. A day spent sightseeing in Santorini is a piece of pleasant memory to recollect in the later days. Santorini is famous for its white, black and red sandy beaches. The beaches of Perissa, Monolithos and Kamari are located in the east of this island. Venture into the deep of villages and roll on the bewitching beaches. The Wine Museum is a must visit in this island. The Greek Night full of food, wine and dance, on every Friday, is a highlight of Santorini. Regular ferries connect Santorini to Athens. It takes only 45 minutes to reach the island from Athens by air.


Athens Sightseeing CorinthA Greek town full of historical significance, at a distance of 84 kilometers from the city of Athens. Corinth is a wonderful haunt to spend a day for sightseeing. A drive to Corinth along the Corinth Canal which is also known as Isthmos is sure to get engraved in your memory. The canal is a stunning structure with a suitable setting for photography. Corinth boasts several significant ancient sites: the Acrocorinthos Hill, the Ancient City of Corinth, the Iraio Sanctuary nearby Loutraki and the Archaeological Museum. The evening in Corinth, followed by dining at a classic restaurant and drinking at a chic bar, is relaxing beyond measure.


Athens Sightseeing CreteOne of the most beautiful destinations for seaside sightseeing for the travellers to Athens. The fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, Crete is nourished by nature in south of the Aegean Sea. The beauty of the beaches can not be seen but felt. This cosmopolitan getaway is famous for Filaki, an official nude beach. The Palace of Knossos and the Venetian Castle at Rethymno are the places to explore in this Greek island. The Palace of Knossos once inhabited by the legendary king Minos is a part of the age-old Greek myth. 800 out of 1300 rooms of the palace are open to public. Crete offers the best of Greek seafood and music. A visit to the beaches around Crete is an escape from physical confinement. The place to get a feel of Greek nightlife in Crete is Hersonnisos. The Venetian Fortezza, a 16th century fortress with characteristics of Moorish and Medieval architecture, offers incredible views of the island.


Athens Sightseeing SounionA short drive from the city of Athens, Sounion is a seaside resort in south of the Attica prefecture. It is a much-frequented place for sightseeing by sea. The popularity of the area rests on the never-fading splendours of the Temple of Poseidon, an exemplary specimen of classical Greek architecture. The temple is set above the Cape of Sounion. Lately, Sounion has been transformed into a principal holiday spot in the Attica prefecture. With sparkling water views hanging over balmy sandy beaches, Sounion deserves to be on the map of sightseeing around Athens. There is an abundance of restaurants, hotels, night clubs and taverns in the surrounding area of Sounion.


Athens Sightseeing RhodesOne of the most frequented Greek islands for beach holidays. Rhodes known as the ‘sun island’ is only 45 minutes away from the city of Athens by air. The coastline of the island is very long bordering a huge sweep of area. The visitworthy beaches are Prassonissi Beach, Kalathos Beach, Traganou Beach, Kalithea Beach and Tsabika Beach. Sunbath is a pleasure in Faliraki Beach, 14 km from the town of Rhodes. What to behold with awe in Rhodes is the Colossus of Rhodes, a massive statue of the Helios a mythological Greek god at the point of entry to the harbour of Rhodes. The Old Town in this island is one of the most popular medieval towns in Europe. A beautiful landmark of Rhodes, the Old Town has many tourist spots: the Byzantine Museum, the Mosque of Suleiman, Pili Elefterias, Panagia tou Kastrou, Simis square, the clock tower and Ippokratous square. Rhodes, a Dodecanese island, is a wave-washed paradise with the Valley of the Butterflies on earth.


Athens Sightseeing NafplionA historical town brimming with scenic sights in Mainland Greece. Of the outdoor sightseeing haunts, Nafplion being at a distance of 148 kilometers is a bit far from Athens. The unmatched neoclassical charm of the historic sites of Nafplion leaves visitors spellbound. The Bourtzi Fortress, the Palamidi Castle and the Akronafplia Fortress are some of the mindblowing attractions of this outdoor area in the Argolida prefecture. With lots of clubbing and pubbing from twilight to the wee hours, Nafplion is the place to haunt for chilling out the night in the swing of revelry. The relaxing atmosphere of Nafplion carries off the bell.


Athens Sightseeing CorfuA favourite of the UK travellers, Corfu offers sprawling sandy space for holiday activities ranging from sightseeing to hiking, sunbath, beach walk, fishing and photography. Barbati, Avlaki, Kerasia, Sidari, Acharavi, Glyfada and Kontokali are the beaches with stunning scenery around this Greek island. Mount Pantokrator, the New Corfu Fort, the Achillion Palace, Old Perithia a mountaneous village and the Old Citadel are the important landmarks of Corfu. Cultural events are held inside the citadel. Corfu is accessible by bus, ferry and plane from Athens. From July to August, the atmospheric condition of this island is ideal for basking in the sun. Sightseeing is a breath of fresh air in May, June, September and October when Corfu is free from crowds.


Athens Sightseeing MycenaeOne of the bright jewels in the crown of Ancient Greece, when it comes to sightseeing around Athens. Mycenae is an ancient Greek city, north of Nafplion. This outdoor sight for sightseeing is immensely impressive in every inch, as it houses the monuments of great significance from the Mycenaean era. The Lion’s Gate, the Domed Tombs, the Palace ruins and the Iraio Sanctuary are the Mycenaean monuments stealing the show. Many of the important artefacts, digged out from the bottomless pit of Mycenae, are exhibited in the Mycenae Archaeological Museum. The Argolida prefecture boasts this beautiful spot for sightseeing.

Vouliagmeni Lake

Athens Sightseeing Vouliagmeni LakeA small destination with spa facilities on beaches. One hour long drive from the city of Athens, the Vouliagmeni Lake is synonymous with sightseeing. This scenic hotspot is the choice of many travellers for not only sightseeing but also the waters with healing properties. The town of Vouliagmeni houses some fine restaurants where binging on fish dishes of local flavours is a pleasure. There are many sprawling beaches good for sightseeing around the town. Vouliagmeni is the quietest and most popular beach. The town is well-connected to Athens by road. The remnants of the Temple of Apollo are well preserved in this seaside town.

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