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Things to do

Things to do in Athens

Holidaying in Greece means travelling to Athens. The capital city of Greece being the age-old centre of classical history and heritage treasures a lot to be explored by travellers. The landscape of the city brimming with architectural beauty and teeming with archaeological remains keeps the visitors on the go doing several things during their stay in the city. Both the city centre and neighbourhoods are full of attractions. Athens offers a relaxing escape to the isolated islands and the scenic hills. A nightly excursion to view the lit up cityscape in the dark is simply spellbinding. Things to do in Athens range from culinary venture at the Acropolis Museum restaurant to a walk around the Agora. Here is a list of must-do things in Athens to help you explore the multiple facets of the city.

Sightseeing from the top of Lykavittos Hill

Sightseeing from the top of Lykavittos HillViewing the cityscape of Athens against the backdrop of sunset and moonrise from the hilltop of Lykavittos is a must-not-be-missed thing to do in Athens. The summit of Lykavittos Hill, the highest point in Athens, is where it is thrilling to capture the entirety of the city in a single photograph from. Climbing up the city’s tallest hill is an escape from the madding rush in the city centre. Sightseeing from on high is an adventuresome experience that Lykavittos Hill promises to the visitors of Athens. The summit is accessible on foot and by cable car. Agios Georgios, a beautiful church of St.George and a small cafe are there at the top of Lykavittos Hill. There is a candlelight procession along the way to the hill on Good Friday and 23 April, the day of St. George. Visit to the hilltop is open from 9:15am to 11:45pm in Nov-Apr and from 9:15am to 12:45am in May-Oct.

Having Lunch at Acropolis Museum Restaurant

Having Lunch at Acropolis Museum RestaurantHaving lunch in a restaurant at an archaeological site may sound odd. But, it is a great experience for the travellers and tourists in Athens. There is an open-air chic restaurant adjacent to the museum at the Acropolis, the most dominant archaeological landmark of the city. The menu at the Acropolis museum restaurant is full of the most mouth-watering Athenian culinary classics from smoked trout, spinach salad and Lefkada salami to custard pie. Though the delicacies come at a price, having lunch in the open atmosphere of the terrace of the museum with gripping views hanging around the site is a must do.

Watching Movie under the Open Sky

Watching Movie under the Open SkyThe city of Athens is a hub of open-air entertainment. It is a thrill to spend some hours over a medium of entertainment under the open sky. Open-air movie shows are engaging means of fun and entertainment in Athens. High is the Athenian fervour for open theatre shows. The walled gardens in the city are now used as open-air movie platforms. Part of the local culture and life, the under-the-open-sky entertainment is a thing to experience. One such place on the south side of the Acropolis is the Thiseion airing classic Hollywood flicks.

Feeling the Beats of Life in Flea Market

Feeling the Beats of Life in Flea MarketThe only place to feel the tempo of daily life in any part of the world is market. The non-stop rhythmic beats of life in the city of Athens can distinctly be felt in the flea market at Avissynias Square. One of the bustling shopping centres of the city, the flea market houses numerous stops and stores. Shopping for everything from book to paintings, from apparels to trinkets, from household items to decorative knickknacks in this market is a thing to do in Athens. There are restaurants and cafes lining the path through the market. For most visitors, an outing to the flea market ends with a palate of lunch in any restaurant or a cup of coffee in any caffe.

Taking a Trip to Greek Monasteries from Athens

Taking a Trip to Greek Monasteries from AthensOutdoor activities too are in the list of things to do in Athens. Sightseeing along the outermost edge of the city is the best and most thrilling outdoor activity to indulge in. Take a two-day long trip to Kalambaka across the picturesque Plain of Thessaly where there are cliff-top monasteries of Meteora. Perched on the summit of the sandstone towers, these are among the most amazing Greek orthodox monasterties. A tour of the monasteries on top of the towering rocks is a rare opportunity to catch the fabulous views hanging over the plain. The trip to Meteora consists of a journey to Delphi through Levadia and Arachova, and then a drive to Kalambaka through the central towns Lamia, Trikala and Amphissa across the Thessalian plain.

Escaping from Athens to Fabulous Greek Islands

Escaping from Athens to Fabulous Greek IslandsGreek islands are famous as never-never lands on earth. Hydra, Egina and Poros are complete relaxation zones on the sea in Greece. Exploring these islands, sititng back on the sandy surface, strolling by the seaside and enjoying a leisurely cruise are the pleasure-giving activities to be engaged in. Taking a cruise from the city of Athens to the scenic Greek islands is a must-to-do thing which showers a spell of boundless joy. The trip consists of a motor drive to Piraeus from Athens, then sailing to the island of Hydra and then, baoting to the island of Egina through the narrow strait passing by the island of Poros. At a distance of only 50 kilometers away from Athens, the island of Egina where there is the Temple of Aphaia is a romantic escape for Athenians in the season of summer.

Hanging loose in Athens’ Historic Neighbourhoods

Hanging loose in Athens' Historic NeighbourhoodsThe neighbourhoods in Athens are as beautiful as the islands, a short drive from the city. Plaka is one of the most lively neighbourhoods in the capital of Greece. Wandering in Plaka is as exiting as strolling through the corridor of picturesque sights. This Athenian neighbourhood features several various interesting things to do and engaging things to watch. One of the oldest Greek neighbourhoods, Plaka is still rocking the cradle of Athenian history. Other neighbourhoods in Athens include Gazi, Psirri, Kolonaki, Piraeus and Monastiraki. Each of these is no less important than any historical location. Visiting these neighbourhoods is a unique thing to do in Athens.

Walking amidst the Remains & Ruins in the Agora

Walking amidst the Remains & Ruins in the AgoraA walk amidst the remains and ruins of Greece’s classical period in the Agora is a must-to-do thing in order to go through the age-old Athenian history in the city. The Agora was once the flourishing centre of art and commerce, administration and politics in Athens. This archaeological site of Greece’s classical heritage carries an account of the philosphic discussions of Plato and Socrates. Walking around the Agora graced by the presence of mighty Greek philosophers will make you feel being lucky. The runined pillars of many architectural edifices like The Temple of Apollo, the Patroos, the Odeon of Agrippa, the Stoa of Zeus are standing stall here.

Taking Sightseeing Tour of Ancient & Modern Athens

Taking Sightseeing Tour of Ancient & Modern AthensA sightseeing tour of Athens is a great source of joie de vivre. It tops the chart of things to do on the first visit to the Greek capital city. The cityscape of both ancient and modern Athens is full of attractions. The sightseeing tour in Athens is a city exploration drive from the Acropolis to the Agora, from Syntagma Square to the top of Lykavittos Hill, from the Benaki Museum to the Byzantine Museum, from the National Garden to the National Archeological Museum, from the National Theatre to the Olympic Stadium as well. The indoor sightseeing tour is a rare bit of the cherry to view the surviving landmarks of ancient Athens and the glittering lights of modern Athens on the same canvas.

Exploring the Illumined Cityscape at Night

Exploring the Illumined Cityscape at NightThe nightly tour of Athens is another high thing to experience in order to satisfy your curiosity about the beguiling beauty of the city. An evening tour of Athens commences with a panoramic ride through the centre of the city to see the Acropolis, an archaeological site as well as iconic landmark, illumined against the dark sky at night. A visit to the Museum of Ancient Greek Musical Instruments is a nicer option to night out at ease in the city. This museum with more than 60 artefacts and musical instruments is the place to discover the musical history of ancient Greece. Dining in a traditional Greek restaurant where live music and ballet dance are organised doubles up the pleasure of nighting out in the city.

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