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Events in Florence

Florence is next to Milan the fashion capital of Italy, when it comes to counting the number of events and festivals held in the city round the year. Florence is in the thick of festivity in each month and each season. Beautifying the frame of this beautiful Italian city are art festivals and fashion events, each of which is a cultural extravaganza. What brings alive the events of Florence as great occasions to go gaga over is the concoction of workshops, seminars, exhibitions, musical performance, stage shows, meetings, etc. Apart from sightseeing, shopping and nightlife; the art and culture, theatre and film, business and fashion events are seasonal festive flavours of Europe vacation, which keep the visitors engaged on the days of Florence travel. Here is a brief on the most popular annual events in Florence:

Festival of Creativity

Florence event Festival of CreativityOne of the highdays and holidays in Florence. The Festival of Creativity is a melange of meetings, talk shows, exhibitions, workshops and concerts for four days. This youthful event is, in fact, a celebration of art, communication and creativity. The Fortezza da Basso hosts this festival of Florence in October every year. It provides a platform with opportunities for the creative minds to showcase their creative accomplishments in presence of global audience. Budding personalities from different walks of creativity like fashion, design, poetry, digital art, music, photography, technology and art flock to Florence during this festive season. Dorfles, Moni Ovadia, Massimo Inguscio, Philippe Daverio, Derrick De Kerckhove, Steve Kendall, Gabriela Jaeger, Chilly Gonzales, Philippe Djian and Stephen Bartezzaghi are among the creme de la creme who have popularised the Festival of Creativity with their presence. The exhibition of innovation and experimentation is one of the hallmarks of this Florentine gaga.
Venue: Fortezza da Basso, viale Strozzi 1
Phone: 055 4369109
Website: http://www.festivaldellacreativita.it/

Festival Dei Popoli

Florence event Festival Dei PopoliAn international film festival in the city of Florence. It was introduced in 1959 by a group of sociologists, anthropologists, humanities scholars, mediologists, anthropologists and ethnologists with an aim to highlight the importance of documentaries and fetch the world to Florence. Since then, the Festival Dei Popoli has undergone transformations and come a long way to captivate the attention of a global audience. The screening of documentaries in both Italian and international categories contributes to the craze around this event. Aspiring documentarians and renowned filmmakers travel to Florence to be part of this cultural extravaganza. The chief end of Festival Dei Popoli is to promote the documentary culture of Florence in Italy and abroad. Jean Renoir, Ken Loach, John Cassavetes, Nagisa Oshima, Jean-Luc Godard, Lindsay Anderson, Claire Simon, Peter Mettler, Alexander Sokurov and Thomas Heis are in the list of famous filmmakers from the global entertainment industry, who have been the faces of Festival Dei Popoli.
Venue:Borgo Pinti 82/r
Phone: 055 244 778
Website: http://www.festivaldeipopoli.org

Fabbrica Europa

Florence event Fabbrica EuropaFabbrica Europa is one of the events which bring alive the city of Florence as a melting pot of different cultures. The importance of Fabbrica Europa, a spring time festival, lies in highlighting not just the cultural identities of countries, but cultural differences and integrity among the countries. This Florentine art fest helps connect the local artists with the artists from the farthest corners of Europe. Fabbrica Europa provides a platform with huge exposure for budding talents to steal the show with art lovers by showcasing their creativity in such fields as painting, music, literature, theatre and communication. Florence is a must visit to go gaga over the celebration of fine arts and performing arts across the city. Workshops, meetings and exhibitions are other engaging activities to participate in, when the event is on the go.
Venue: Stazione Leopolda, Viale Fratelli Rosselli 5
phone: 055 354077
Website: http://www.fabbricaeuropa.com/

Art – International Handicrafts Fair

Art – International Handicrafts FairExposing the innovative and creative facets of Florence to a global audience is the International Handicrafts Fair. This Florentine event has developed into a most illustrious shop-window of artistic handicraft of superior quality both on national and international fronts. This creative craft exhibition is not to be missed during the tour of Florence in spring. This festival provides participants with vibrant space to hold their handmade products like clothing, accessories, jewellery, silverware, furniture, wood work, beauty products, lifestyle items, health products, wine and food in the public eye. The Fortezza da Basso is the venue where the festival remains on the go for nine days in the month of April. Tourists and travellers can shop for handicraft items in the International Handicrafts Fair.
Venue: Fortezza da Basso, Viale Strozzi 1
Phone: 055 497 21

Pitti Imagine

Pitti ImagineGlobetrotters who are fashion junkies must visit Florence in the month of January when the city hosts Pitti Imagine, a prestigious fashion event in the international calendar. Pitti Imagine is a string of fashion events – Uomo, Filati, Bimbo, ModaPelle and Casa highlighting the latest Italian style statements in the city of Florence. With striking theme-inspired settings and creme de la creme from the fashion world showcasing their ensembles in the festive fairs of Pitti Imagine, Florence has carved its way to the list of European fashion capitals. Workshops on fashion design, production, merchandising, retail and fashion communication are held. The Fortezza da Basso, the principal venue of Pitti Imagine, thrives as an international shop window of Italian fashion.

Venue: Fortezza da Bassos
Date: January
Website: http://www.pittimmagine.com/en/

Intercity Festival

Florence event Intercity Festival lCapturing the imaginaiton of global audience with the best of Italian art and culture is Intercity Festival. Created in 1988, the Intercity Festival connects the city of Florence to great world capitals where art and culture keep throbbing. Some of Italy’s renowned production houses and foreign acting companies make their presence felt in Florence during the event. Reading sessions, cinematographic exhibitions, meetings with authors, film screening and the staging of plays make a go of the Intercity Festival as a throbbing cultural platform in the city of Florence. The Intercity Festival is a must-visit Florentine event for the die-hard lovers of art and culture seeking sophisticated and rational entertainment. It runs for as long as three weeks.
Venue: Teatro della Limonaia-Sesto Fiorentino, via Gramsci 426
Phone: 055 440 852
Website: http://www.teatrodellalimonaia.it/

International Arts Biennale

Florence event International Arts BiennaleOf the art festivals in the Florentine calendar, the International Arts Biennale is a special mention for its worldwide popularity. Florence hosts this event at the Fortezza da Basso every two years. Also known as Florence Biennale, it was started as a convocation of talented artists in 1997. The biggest drawcard of Florence in the month of December, the International Arts Biennale puts blooming artists and their creative work in the limelight of the art world. The introduction of this Florentine event was a great initiative to revive specific art trends and painting styles in the late 1990s. With the passing of time, the initiative took the shape of a glittering art extravaganza which recognises creative talents and gives them a face of fame on the global front. Over 800 artists from as many as 70 countries participate in this grand event of contemporary art.
Venue: Fortezza da Basso, Viale Strozzi 1
Phone: 055 463 3385
Website: http://www.florencebiennale.org/

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