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Night Life

Night Life in Florence

Nightlife in Florence is active and vibrant. The city of Florence houses many Jazz clubs, music cafes, beer bars and dance pubs with sprawling space, engaging environ, illustrious interior, sumptuous setting and opulent offerings. The nightlife spots are the places to be at, in order to unveil the nightly beauty of Florence and mingle with Florentines. Nights are rocking with outdoor parties and the shaking of legs on dance floors at some hot spots in the city. Music, wine and party are the traps for urbanites, yuppies and hippies. Here are the best of clubs, pubs and bars where cheer and chill at nights surpass the buzz of daytime in Florence. The joy and pleasure that travel to Florence brings feel intense, when coupled with the throbs of nightlife in the city.

The Jazz Club

The Jazz Club nightlife in florenceOne of the few hotspots to chill the night out under the spell of Jazz music in the city of Florence. The Jazz Club, a haven of music and dance and drink for the party owls, has been part of the city’s nightlife for last 25 years. The premise of the club throbs with regular Jazz concerts. On the occasion of festive events in Florence, the Jazz Club invites renowned musicians from around the world to entertain the regulars and special visitors. Celebrities like Joe Diorio, Renato Sellani, Gianni Basso, macro Tamburini, Rudy Migliardi, Danilo Rea, Barbara Casini, Sandro Gibelini, Massimo Moriconi, Peter Weller, Leroy Johnson and Stefano Bollani have rocked the stage till date. The weekly live music sessions dish out experimental forms of Jazz. The club is open for a public visit from September to June.
Address: Via Nuova de’ Caccini, 3 – Firenze
Hours: Tues-Sat, 9.00pm to late night
Phone: 055-2479700 | 335 6146115
Website: http://www.jazzclubfirenze.com/


Tenax nightlife in FlorenceThe biggest nightlife spot to groove to the beats of live bands in Florence. Tenax is a music cum dance club whose atmosphere is relaxed and chilled sprinkling spells of fascination over the happy-go-lucky youth. The stage in the centre of the club remains alive and kicking with rocking band performances till the wee hours. The club serves drinks to keep the guests agog with gusto. The combination of music, dance and drink is a rare highlight of Tenax. Nights are hot at Tenax from October to April.
Address:Via Pratese, 46 Florence 50145
Hours:Tue-Sun 10pm-4am
Phone: 055 308160
Website: http://www.tenax.org/

Central Park

Central Park nightlife in FlorenceThe largest disco in Florence offering the wild sensation of Ibiza. Hidden off in Parco delle Cascine, Central Park is a sprawling hotspot to dance the night out. The night club boasts a pair of open-air dance floors, a couple of indoor dance floors, a VIP lounge with plush seating and a beautiful artificial waterfall. With a milling crowd of merry-making hippies and yuppies, the nights are rocking and dazzling at Central Park on the city’s western edge. Revelries remain in full swing till daybreak.
Address Via Fosso Macinante 2
Hours: Tue-Sat 11pm-6am
Phone: 055 353 505
Website: http://www.centralfirenze.it/

Cavalli Club

Cavalli Club nightlife in FlorenceBreaking the silence of the surrounding is uncontrolled excitement of revellers at Cavalli Clubin in Florence. With merry-making activities like drinking and dancing free from all restrictions, this nightly hideout defies decency and welcomes vulgarity. Cavalli Club is part of Florence’s glitz and glam world receiving footfalls of trendy chaps and belles. The chrome and mirror interior of the club features a huge dance floor, a high-end sound system and get-cosy alcoves. Chilled-out ambience is the most fetching characteristic of Cavalli Club.
Address: Piazza del Carmine 8r
Hours: Daily 7.30pm-3am
Phone: 055 211 650

Libreria Café la Cité

Libreria Café la Cité in FlorenceIf irrational activities like sprinkling wine and shaking legs are not your cup of tea, head to Libreria Café la Cité. Founded by a group of young Florentines, Libreria Café la Cité is one of the few nightlife spots in Florence where nightly activities are reading sessions, theatrical shows, Jazz performances and tango lessons providing dollops of not only entertainment but also enlightenment. Mondays’Jazz sessions, Tuesday’s tango lessons, Wednesdays’ literary readings and Thursday’s theatre as well as dance are a far cry from the indulgence of senses at Libreria Café la Cité. Here, Friday and Saturday nights are musical with enlightening live music.

Address:Borgo San Frediano 20r
Hours: Tue-Sat 11.30am-midnight, Sun & Mon 3.30pm-midnight
Phone:055 210 387
Website: www.lacitelibreria.info


Fish nightlife in FlorenceA trendy beer bar furnished with comfy wooden sittings and decorated with pictures, in Florence. The typical maritime theme based decor of Fish is reflective of the ambience of Anglo-Saxon pubs. With soft lighting, the inner atmosphere of Fish is lazy making the guests feel drowsy. The popularity of this Florentine pub is rising, on account of the cellar full of the best beers: Harp Strong, Guinness Draught, Warsteiner Braverei, Kilkenny Strong, Aperitifs and Cocktails. Fish has two floors with lots of space for parties inside. The gazebo outside of the pub faces a Florentine piazza. Nights are made beautiful, relaxed and sensuous at Fish where you can help but let your hair down. Entry is free here. Adding to the engaging ambience of the pub are competitions held among the pubbers.
Address: Piazza del Mercato Centrale 44/r San Lorenzo
Hours:Daily 6pm-2am
Phone: 055 265 40 29
Website: http://www.thefishpub.com/

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita in FlorenceAn all-time favourite of the status and style conscious youth in Florence. La Dolce Vita has stood out in competition with the city’s other nightlife hotspots like Colle Beretto and Noir. Opened in 1985, it has become a prime haven of nightly entertainment over dinner and drinks for Florentines. Lending a touch of sophistication to the ambience is the interior decorated with pictures and paintings. La Dolce Vita boasts a chic wine bar and a classy art gallery. The wine bar meets international standards in its decor, atmosphere and offerings to the guests. The art gallery inside La Dolce Vita features the works of painters and photographs along with their pithy biographies. Sipping wine while admiring the art works on display is what defines La Dolce Vita as spot for rational pleasure at night.

Address: Piazza del Carmine 6r
Hours: Tue-Sun 8am-2am
Phone: 055 284 595
Website: www.dolcevitaflorence.com/


Capocaccia in FlorenceA nightly cafe-bar oozing elegance to woo the trendy and cool Florentines. The list of drinks and the menu of snacks at Capocaccia are awesome. Capocaccia is a must visit to feel the bonhomie among the guests grooving to the beats of DJ performances. It is a place to see and be seen among the bar buffs at nights in Florence. The panache of Capocaccia is unique.
Address: Lungarno Corsini 12-14/r Santa Maria Novella
Hours: Tue-Sun 12-1am
Phone: 055 21 07 51
Website: http://www.capocaccia.com/


L’Incontro in FlorenceThe in-house bar of L’Incontro is uber modern in decor, setting, environ and service. Favourite with the five-star travellers and Florentine big wheels, L’Incontro bar is known for its offerings to the guests. Drinks at this upscale bar are the best picks of baskets. The atmosphere of the bar is chilled for the cheering crowd of nightly pleasure seekers.

Address: Piazza della Repubblica 7
Hours: 10.30pm-midnight
Phone: 055 273 58 01
Website: http://www.hotelsavoy.it

Full Up

Full Up in FlorenceA place with modern trappings for complete entertainment in the city of Florence. Full Up is an excellent and elegant night club, the choice of both locals and tourists. Here, the dance floor is a non-smoking area. There is an exclusive smoking zone for the partying owls. Hen and stag parties organised at Full Up are sensually enticing. Revelry at Full Up knows no bounds. Indulgence in fun and pleasure is unconditional and without restrictions for the guests of Full Up.

Address: Via della Vigna Vecchia 21r
Hours: Evening-midnight
Phone: 055 293006
Website: http://www.fullupclub.com/

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