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Top Ten Restaurants in Florence

Italian cuisine has gone global. With a rich variety of Roman, Florentine and Tuscan culinary classics, Italian cuisine is versatile. Nowadays, the taste of this highly palatable cuisines can be experienced with a great relish in different parts of the world. What makes travel to Florence is not only a collage of scenic visuals hanging around the city but also a rich palette of tongue teasers offered by the city’s restaurants. Some local Florentine restaurants are a must visit for the travellers and tourists with a craving for dining at home. Some of the restaurants are high on quality quotient, some are high on comfort quotient and some are high on entertainment quotient in Florence. Some Florentine restaurants offering French, Roman, Chinese and Spanish cuisines other than Tuscan and Italian satisfy the appetite of globetrotters for multiple tastes. Here is a focus on the ten best of restaurants dotting the culinary map of Florence:

Taverna del Bronzino

Taverna del Bronzinoin FlorenceOnce the studio of Santi di Tito a Renaissance artist and a student of the renowned Bronzino, Taverna del Bronzino is a fine food establishment with sophisticate look and feel. The interior decor is simple and formal. The floor is furnished with refined sitting arrangements which are refurbished with white tablecloths. The presentation of Tuscany dishes and delicacies is mindblowing. The service is commendable. The collection of wine is diverse. To say in precise terms, dining is relaxation at Taverna del Bronzino. The restaurant remains closed for 3 weeks in August.
Venue: Via delle Ruote, 27
Cuisine: European, Italian
Time: Mon-Sat 12:30pm-2:30pm, 7:30pm-10:30pm
Phone: +39 55 49 5220
Website: http://www.tavernadelbronzino.com//

La Giostra

La Giostra in FlorenceThe Florentine restaurant where guests are welcomed with a crystal flute of spumante and entertained with the best of Italian cuisine. Owned by Dimitri d’Asburgo Lorena, prince of Habsburg, La Giostra is known for its romantic ambience, flawless service, comfy setting and good wine collection. ‘Primi’ and ‘Crosini Misti’ are the best of culinary pleasures to satisfy your appetite for the best taste at this restaurant in Florence. La Giostra’s list of gastronomic offerings is huge. Viennese Sachertorte, an age-old Habsburg family recipe, is the best of La Giostra. Popular with the Florentines, dining at this restaurant is a royal experience.
Venue: Borgo Pinti 10r
Cuisine: Italian
Time: Daily, noon-2:30pm and 7pm-midnight
Phone: +39 055 241 341
Website: http://www.ristorantelagiostra.com/

Relais Le Jardin

Relais Le Jardin in FlorenceA classy and chic dining establishment in Florence, offering culinary entertainment of superlative quality. The cuisine on offer at Relais Le Jardin in Hotel Regency is influenced by the local tradition. However, this Florentine restaurant is known for its changing menu. The selection of wines is unique. The classical decoration of rooms, elegant and illustrious, is like that of an ancient villa. Authentic Tuscan dishes with a tongue-teasing twist satisfy the culinary sensibilities of guests. The dessert list too is awesome. Sophistication of this restaurant is felt in the sober ambience.
Venue: Piazza d’Azeglio, Regency Hotel
Cuisine: European, Italian
Time: Daily lunch and dinner
Phone: +39 055 24 5247
Website: http://www.relaislejardin.com/

Ristorante-Terrazza Brunelleschi

Ristorante-Terrazza Brunelleschi in FlorenceA favourite haunt of Florentine foodies, offering a mix of mouth-watering delights and visual pleasures. Elegance and sophistication are the benchmarks of Terrazza Brunelleschi. The top floor of the Grand Hotel Baglioni houses this much frequented restaurant. Dining amidst greenery on the terrace, on wintry days, is what appeals not only to the tongue but also to the mind. All Tuscan dishes in the menu are tempting. Antipasti platter, vegetable soup and Italian desserts are a few to name among the offerings of Terrazza Brunelleschi. In summer, the restaurant comes alive as an open air nightclub with musical ambience. Dining on the terrace means viewing the entire city.
Venue: Piazza dell’Unità Italiana 6, Grand Hotel Baglioni
Cuisine: Italian
Time: Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Phone: + 39 055 2 3580
Website: http://www.hotelbaglioni.it/

Ristorante Vecchia Firenze

Ristorante Vecchia Firenze in FlorenceKeeping pace with the flow of time from 15th century till date is Ristorante Vecchia Firenze. This Florentine restaurant lives up to its name (‘vecchia’ means ‘old’), as the building dates back to the time when Renaissance flourished in Florence. Wines of good labels are available at reasonable prices. The restaurant is popular among the locals and the visitors alike, for offering some retro dishes of the Renaissance flavours. There are private dining options for couples. The ‘Penne Vecchia Firenze’, a creamy mushroom dish sauced with tomato, is an attraction of Ristorante Vecchia Firenze. Grilled delicacies too are favourites of the visitors of Santa Croce, a marvellous museum in the city.

Venue: Borgo degli Albizi 76-78r
Cuisine: Italian
Time: Tues-Sun 11am-3pm and 7-10pm
Phone:+ 39 055-234-0361
Website: http://www.vecchiafirenze.eu/

Alle Murate

Alle Murate in FlorenceOne of the most famous Florentine restaurants dishing out Italian cuisines with an authentic flavour, to the city’s visitors. Alle Murate is the place to be dining in the fine surrounding of Palazzo Santa Croce. The interior is refined with touches of sophistication – soft lighting, warm colours, rich wood panelling and crystal-clear mirrors. Of the mouth-watering Tuscan classics, polenta, grilled dish and a soup of cod and chickpeas are favourites of regulars. At Alle Murate, fish delicacies are of superlative quality and highly appealing to the tongue. The restaurant’s wine cellar having the finest wines of Italy is impressive.
Venue: Via Ghibellina 52/r
Cuisine: Italian
Time: Daily
Phone: +39 055 24 0618
Website: http://www.allemurate.it/


Cibrèo in FlorenceA favourite haunt of food connoisseurs in the city of Florence. Set in the heart of Santa Croce, Cibrèo is popular with those who are fond of the traditional culinary classics of Italy. The restaurant has maintained its old-fashioned charm in the ambience on one hand and undergone rennovation in decor on the other. The menu of main courses and desserts is not just exclusive but the magnet of Cibrèo. Lip-smacking native dishes like Minestrone, Polenta and Souffle of Potatoes are some of the daily specials on offer at this Florentine restaurant. The wine list too is impressive. The ambience of Cibrèo promises a good time over lunch and dinner.

Venue: Via Andrea del Verrocchio 8
Cuisine: Italian, European
Time: Tue-Sat 12:50am-2:30pm, 7:30pm-11:15pm
Phone: +39 055 234 1100
Website: N/A

Enoteca Pinchiorri

Enoteca Pinchiorri in FlorenceThe place to be dining amidst opulence. Dining at Enoteca Pinchiorri is an expensive experience, given the exclusivity of culinary and winey offerings. Popular with the rich and the elite, Enoteca Pinchiorri entertains the guests with the most delicious pasta dishes which are rare to find far and wide in the city of Florence. The ambience of the in-house dining space is fragrant with fresh flowers in the silver vases. Colourful frescoed ceilings and walls decorated with eye-catching works of art reflect sheer opulence of Enoteca Pinchiorri. The taste of Italian seafood cuisines with Tuscan ingredients is unforgettable. The cellar is packed with a rich collection of 80,000 wines of different taste.
Venue: Via Ghibellina 87
Cuisine: Italian, Tuscan, French, Seafood
Time: Daily
Phone: +39 055 242 757, +39 055 242 777
Website: http://www.enotecapinchiorri.com/

Caffè la Torre

Caffè la Torre in FlorenceThe trendy place to dine out nights till wee hours while drinking to the dollops of music. Caffè la Torre is a happening bar cum restaurant close to Piazzale Michelangelo. With an amazing variety of drinks and snacks on the menu, Caffè la Torre is a cool place to pass the night out in summer. The guests are served up sandwiches with pure Italian ingredients on the pavement terrace. Beats of Jazz and Blues keep the atmosphere vibrant.br>
Venue: Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini 65r
Cuisine: Italian
Time: Daily, till midnight
Phone: +39 055 680 643
Website: http://www.cafelatorre.com/

La Fonticine

La Fonticine in FlorenceOffering an awesome taste of Tuscan as well as Roman culinary classics is La Fonticine in Florence. Owned and run by a Tuscan family, the restaurant offers the most intimate dining experience to the foodie fans of Tuscan cuisine. Osso Bucco spcied with rich tomato sauce of a unique flavour is a speciality of La Fonticine. The interior is bright and the sitting is comfortable. The owner’s collection of beautiful paintings and art works on display adds stars to the restaurant.
Venue: Via Nazionale 79/r
Cuisine: Italian
Time: Lunch 12-2.30pm, Dinner 7-10pm, Sun & Mon closed
Phone: +39 055-282-106
Website: http://www.lefonticine.com/

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