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Sightseeing around Florence

Florence is full of tourist attractions, fantastic and fabulous. The suburban area around the city consists of many towns which have carved a niche in the Florence travel guide on account of their countless sightseeing splashes. Sightseeing around Florence is a break from the man-made wonders of the city and a retreat to the soothing artifices of nature. A scenic drive from Florence to any of the following places for outdoor sightseeing offers a mixed feeling of excitement and euphoria. Make a day trip to seaside towns with spectacular cliff-hugging coastline and to hilly regions with luring landscape.

Tuscany: Romance with Nature

Florence Sightseeing TuscanyTake a day trip to Tuscany: the place to romance with nature. The landscape of Tuscany is rich in captivating colours and fascinating flavours. A romantic escape from the city of Florence, Tuscany is famous for its countryside charm and smashing sightseeing. Olive groves and vineyards sprawl over the Tuscany landscape dotted with a number of Romanesque churches. Dotting the hillsides are ancient castles and villas of rare rural beauty. The pleasure of a visit to Tuscany lies in tasting local wines as well. Take a traditional Tuscan lunch, taste Chianti wine, and visit organic farms. Traditional biscuits and wines complement the local lunch menu in Tuscany. From Tuscany, take a countryside drive to San Gimignano a picturesque village with small squares and cobblestone streets. Pisa famous for the legendary Leaning Tower is the ultimate stop on the trip to Tuscany from Florence.

Siena: Stroll along Medieval Street

Florence Sightseeing SienaSiena is a beautiful medieval town full of sightseeing splashes around Florence. Take a short bus drive from the city and plunge into the green lap of hills. Stroll through the medieval streets, admiring the Gothic palaces and tracing the ancient history of Siena. Make your way from Piazza del Campo, a great European medieval square with the Palio the 600-year old horse-race course, to the Cathedral. Richly decorated both outside and inside, the Cathedral treasures the valuable Gothic art of 13th and 14th centuries. The sightseeing trip to Siena includes a visit to the Libreria Piccolomini as well as the Museo dell’Opera Metropolitana. Drop at Monteriggioni, a medieval walled town, on the return from Siena.

Cinque Terre: Walk along Spectacular Coastline

Florence Sightseeing Cinque TerreIf you are bored with the glaring magnificence of museums in Florence, take a break for outdoor sightseeing in serene and scenic backwaters of the Cinque Terre. The virgin beauty of nature manifests itself in the cliff-hugging coastal area of the Cinque Terre. A walk along the panoramic coastline while breathing in the fresh air and capturing the amazing views is a soulful experience. Listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Cinque Terre is a drive through such beautiful Tuscan towns as Lucca, Carrara and Liguria. A delicious lunch on the roof of a restaurant with captivating visuals of the sea hanging all around is a trap during the walk along the coastal path to Corniglia. Relish a gelato or sip a cold drink in Vernazza, a colourful town of the Cinque Terre.

Ligurian Coast: Drive for Outdoor Sightseeing

Florence Sightseeing Ligurian CoastThe Ligurian Coast is an 11-hour long drive from Florence. The road lined with pastel coloured houses, olive trees and bell towers runs like the horizon between sea and sky. The magical and mesmerizing beauty of the Ligurian Coast was admired by Lord Byron and P.B. Shelley, two of the greatest Romantic poets. A drive along the sandy stretch of Tyrrhenian coast is an opportunity to view the white marble wonders of the Apuan Alps. Strolling along the romantic ‘Via dell’ Amore”, a walk on the cliffs, leads to Manarola one of the small villages of the Cinque Terre.

Fiesole: Reminisce Renaissance History

Florence Sightseeing FiesoleOne of the most popular sightseeing attractions around the city of Florence. The heart of Fiesole is steeped in rich history. The landscape of this beautiful city is reminiscent of the Etruscan, Roman as well as Renaissance past. Dotted with many picnic spots and crisscrossed by many winding streets, Fiesole is a must visit for sightseeing in summer. Of the attractions of this Florentine neighbourhood, an archaeological site housing a Roman theatre as well as an Etruscan temple and an art museum are the most mentionable. The picturesque valley between the Arno river and the Mugnone is the base of Fiesole, just 8 km away from Florence.

Umbria: Leaves to the Embrace of Nature

Florence Sightseeing UmbriaIn Umbria, sightseeing means leaving to the embrace of nature, responding to the call of spritual heritage and discovering the appeals of art. The natural beauty of the lake in swing of the lush green surrounding the hills is an irresistible attraction of Umbria. The harmony between the power of spiritual places and the serenity of old fabrics in the city is rare to find anywhere else. Historic evidences of Umbria’s Etruscan origin are preserved behind the travertine walls. Add Umbria to the list of must-see places around Florence for soulful sightseeing.

Ancient Ostia: Excavate the Roman Civilization

Florence Sightseeing Ancient OstiaA must drive from Florence adding oomph to your holidays in Italy. Ancient Ostia is a town of impressive excavations, as exciting and extraordinary as Pompeii. Once the city harbour set up by ancient Romans, on the verge of the Tiber, Ancient Ostia was later hidden from view by floods. The well-preserved remnants of the harbour hold a broken mirror to the ancient Roman civilization. The city known for its cult for arts and architecture offers a refined and dynamic atmosphere. In Ancient Ostia, sightseeing consists of glimpses of the ruins of magnificent temples, theatres, basilicas and public buildings. The ambience of Ostia is cooled by sea breezes.

Amalfi & Pompeii: Venture into a World of Excavation

Florence Sightseeing Amalfi & PompeiiThe area of sightseeing around Florence stretches up to the Amalfi Coast. This most pleasant drive in Italy takes to Pompeii a historically famous town of excavation in the world. The sightseeing exploration venture begins with a walk to Pompeii. Buried for a long period of 1,700 years, the present Pompeii has been resurrected like Phoenix. The picture of daily life in this most famous centre of archaic excavation is interesting to the core. The Sea Gate, entrance to the town, is surrounded by porticos, temples and law courts. From Pompeii is a drive to the Amalfi Coast, along the Sorrentine coastline through the winding road. On the way is beautiful fishing village Pass Positano, a much-frequented colony of writers and artists.

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