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Things to do

Things to do in Florence

Is travelling a source of relaxation? Yes it is, not in sense of lying back but in sense of seeking a relief from the monotony of daily life and an opportunity to do pleasurable things. Travelling means going beyond the known boundary and discovering a new horizon of the global geography. If you agree on this point, travelling to Florence is a retreat to the land where there are many pleasant things to do, from city exploration to photography. Florence has got so many things to be watched and wondered at by visitors that it keeps the visitors on the move from one piazza to another each day of their stay in the city. Here is a list of must-to-do things, especially for those who are on a whistle-stop tour of Italy or Europe.

Strolling through Corridors of Uffizi Gallery

Strolling through Corridors of Uffizi GalleryStrolling through the picturesque corridors of the Uffizi Gallery is one of the must-to-do things in the list for Florence’s visitors. The elegance of evergreen paintings by Italian luminaries: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto, Raphael, Botticelli, Caravaggio, Piero della Francesca and Perugino, reflecting the Renaissance art and spirit of Italy is a feast for the eyes. Though making a round of the exhibition in the museum is a time-consuming affair, it is worth the valuable time of visitors. Digging deep into Italy’s history of art through the Renaissance paintings on display here is a dream-like experience to bag in Florence.

Relishing Gelato while Pacing up Piazzas

Relishing Gelato while Pacing up PiazzasFeeling cool with lingering relishes of lip-smacking gelato desserts is in the list of things to do in the city of Florence. Florence is not only an Italian hub of Tuscan cuisine but also full of parlours offering a surprising variety of gelato desserts. The taste of gelato desserts of varied Tuscan flavours is numero uno. Offering this fun of Florence are many gelato shops across the city. Do taste two scoops of any Florentine gelato the way the Florentines do. Relishing a gelato doubles up the excitement of pacing up and down the picturesque piazzas of Florence.

Wandering round Piazza della Signoria

Wandering round Piazza della SignoriaWandering aimlessly is, at times, a pure pleasure. In Florence there is a no space for purposeless wandering, since the piazzas or squares are full of splendid sculptures and statues. The most fabulous-looking square is Piazza della Signaria. It is the most buzzing and bustling piazza in the city of Florence. The Piazza della Signaria is full of artistic attractions and sculptural spendours. Walking round this piazza to get an eyeful of the art works all over is a leisurely but purposeful thing to do in the city. Sitting or standing by the Neptune Fountain in the centre of the piazza is a feel too intimate to express in words. Another thing to do is exploring the historical and artistic significance of Piazza della Signaria by making a visit to the Duomo, the Bell Tower and the Palazzo Vecchio.

Catching Glimpses of the City from Heights

Catching Glimpses of the City from HeightsIf doing something thrilling is your cup of tea, the city of Florence has nothing disappointing about it. Viewing the city from high tops the list of most exciting things to do in Florence. Dominating the city’s skyline and highlighting the city’s pride are two great heights – the Duomo and the Bell Tower or Campanile. The Duomo, an architectural wonder of white, pink and green marble, has a flight of 463 stairs running up to the top which offers visually stunning glimpses of the cityscape. Similar is the experience of catching aerial visuals of the city from the pinnacle of Giotto’s Bell Tower which has a flight of 414 stairs. Do click photographs of the cityscape from these two dizzying heights so that you can recollect the thrills and spills felt during the tour of Florence.

Paying Tribute to Italian Masters in Santa Croce

Paying Tribute to Italian Masters in Santa CroceTravelling to Florence is a pilgrimage to this Italian city, since many of the most eminent personalities of Italy were laid to rest in the lap of Florence. Santa Croce, a must visit for the admirers of Renaissance art and history, contains the tombs of Dante, Galileo, Rossini, Michelangelo, Ghiberti, Machiavelli and likes. Making a visit to Santa Croce in order to pay tribute to them is, no doubt, one of the greatest things to do. Santa Croce is an open church with a wooden ceiling colourfully painted and decorated with frescoes by Giotto. The holy sonority of the famous graves eclipses the visual beauty of the church. Two of the tombs there contain members of Florence’s Medici family and are adorned with the sculptures by Michelangelo.

Taking Shots of the City from Piazzale Michenangelo

Taking Shots of the City from Piazzale MichenangeloYou will find photographic postcards of a city’s artistic, cultural, historic and commercial heritage on sale. However, no need to buy such postcards in Florence, if you can manage to take shots of the cityscape from the Piazzale Michelangelo. Piazzale Michelangelo is a towering edifice overlooking the city of Flornece from its base amidst the hills around the Oltrarno. It is a good climb up to the summit or you can make it by taking a bus route through the not so scenic neighbourhoods of the city. You will be left out of breath in wonder by the divine view of the city, provided the sky is clear and the weather is fine. Make your way from there to the Oltrarno, a beautiful neighbourhood on the other bank of the Arno, which most tourists often overlook.

Pacing up through the City’s Leather Markets

Pacing up through the City's Leather MarketsFlorence is a hub of leather trading in Italy. There are two famous leather markets in the city. As the markets are close to each other, it does not take much time to visit both. Leather objects on sale in these markets are famous for thier quality all over the world. Shopping for leather goods is one of the enjoyable things to do in Florence. If you don’t intend to indulge in shopping, make sure to stroll through the leather markets. The market next to San Lorenzo Church is packed with stalls selling various leather objects at reasonable prices. The building in the market houses numerous food vendors who sell most of local foods which you will hardly find in the city’s restaurants.

Admiring Beauty of the Arno from Ponte Vehicco

Admiring Beauty of the Arno from Ponte VehiccoAlmost every thriving capital city of Europe is located by a river. The Arno serves as wonderful backdrop of Florence adding to the watery beauty of this Italian city. Ponte Vehicco, the oldest bridge of Florence over the Arno, connects the north and south of the city. Viewing the wavy reflection of the twilight sky on the flowing water of the Arno during sunset, while standing on the bridge is the most pleasant thing to do in Florence. Crowding much of the space on the bridge are teenage lovebirds. Catching a sight of the busy gold jewellery shops on the Ponte Vehicco is another thing to do there.

Visiting the Shrines of Art & Cultural Heritage

Pacing up through the City's Leather MarketsFlorence is in the list of European capital cities which are opulent in art and have a treasure of art works. This Italian city houses many galleries displaying art works with a spectacular show. The Bargello Museum and the Galleria degli Uffizi are the most famous galleries where most of the city’s artistic possessions are preserved. The Bargello Museum is home to the city’s sculptures made by the renowned Renaissance masters of Italy and the Galleria degli Uffizi exhibits the life-size paintings of the Italian artists. ‘David’ the most distinguished sculpture of the Renaissance era is a boast of the Bargello Museum. With magnificent entrances and marvellous interior, both of the galleries are wonders of wonders. A visit to these shrines of art and cultural heritage in Florence is a must-to-do thing.

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