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London Overview

The definition of ‘Epic’, a literary genre, becomes the image of Great Britain. To say precisely, Britain itself is an epic. Most of the historical, architectural, majestic and glorious characteristics of the English country are the distinctive identities of its capital city London. A cosmopolitan and multicultural city, London is the home of the British Royal family. And, the pulsating heart of the literary, political, financial and business life of the British. The city is famous for its historic buildings, iconic monuments, world-class museums and picturesque galleries, visited by thousands of tourists every year.


It is not unjust to call London the heritage capital of England. The city contains the age-old historical and cultural legacy of the country. London is now an international metropolis full of zest and zeal. A visit to the English capital city is a lifetime experience. If you are an admirer of the old, the galleries and museums in the city will transport you back by several centuries to the history of England. If you are a lover of whatever is modern and metro, there are chic restaurants, bars and pubs providing space for all sorts of pleasurable indulgence in the city. If you are a worshipper of natural beauty like the Romantic English poets William Wordsworth, John Keats and P.B. Shelley, the counties surrounding the city are to be explored for sightseeing.

The key to the attraction of London is its river-front beauty whose gripping glimpses are beyond verbal and non-verbal expressions. Though densely populated, the city contains sprawling green areas with fresh air, for a rejuvenating stroll or a healthy walk in the open. Showering the landscape of London with spells of lavish green are the Hyde Park, the Royal Park, the Richmond Park and the likes. The ceremonious flavours of the city are to be felt at the royal palaces like Buckingham Palace. Evidently, the reasons for why to travel to London are many.

London Eye

Visit the Top Attractions in London

What to see in London? Several wonders to fill your eyes with. The sky looks beautiful when it is starry or clouds are scattered in pieces all over the blue surface. Likewise, London looks beautiful because of its landscape, dotted with attractions. The Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Big Ben, the National Gallery, the British Museum, the Westminster’s Abbey, the Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and the likes are top attractions in London. A few names to mention among the many. Teeming with photo-friendly landmarks, the cityscape itself is an escape to the magnificent majesty of Britain. The Trafalgar Square is the beating heart of London where hanging out is a favourite pastime for the locals and a heart-warming experience for the tourists. If the Buckingham Palace speaks of Britain’s unmatched royalty and majesty, the British Museum boasts of Britain’s royal treasure and the National Gallery exhibits Britain’s huge collection of paintings by the masters of old times.

London Travel – Miscellaneous Information

What to do in London? There are many things to do inside and outside the city. The spirit of London vibrates with enthusiasm and the life beats with excitement. The daily or holiday activities like strolling, wondering, shopping, clubbing, pubbing and sightseeing are full of kicking. Boating on the Thames is a pleasure to experience to one’s heart’s content. It is coupled with sightseeing, a kaleidoscopic magic of the city. The picture of London sightseeing is as beautiful as a canvas painted with watercolours.

An account of London travel is incomplete without a mention of the city’s nightlife culture. The city springs into activity at the daytime and remains active till the wee hour. The nocturnal ambience of the river-front bars and pubs is an unavoidable reason to have late nights in London. London nightlife is simply unforgettable. Moreover, the English wine is no less thrilling than the French wine. It is a must taste. Apart from drinking, eating itself is an attraction in the city. Dining in contemporary restaurants amidst the flamboyant lights on the bank of the Thames is a joyous extravaganza. Notting Hill is the hub of bars and restaurants to be haunted by foodies.

Without shopping in London, the bustling life of the city remains beyond experience. London is one of the world’s best shopping capitals. In the city, there are several markets with a wide variety of merchandise attracting swirms of shopping bees. London is not indifferent to the needs of the visitors for comfort and convenience. Known for excellent hospitality, the hotels in London offer world-class accommodation with superb service and facilities. Most of London budget hotels are located near the landmarks of tourist interest. Accommodation is as costly as $1000 and as cheap as $20.

Are there seasonal events in London? ‘Many’ is the one-word answer. The key to the festive spirit of the city are the eventful seasons. The Chelsea Flower Show, the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, the Notting Hill Carnival and BFI London Film Festival are a few to name among the popular events. These events appeal to tourists to visit the city.

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London Overview