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Getting Around

London is one of the most busiest and most visited city in Europe. One of the major reason for it being such a popular destination for tourists is its amazing transportation facilities. London has the best airways,bus, taxi, tram,railway facility which helps to commute in and around London.

Once you reach London the local transport facilities is amazing as well. The Bus and the Tram facilities are remarkable .

Travel By Road

Hire a Car

London TravelYou can get plenty of hired cars in London .If you want to travel across the city hired cars are available in large number. Though these rented cars might be a little expensive but still very much affordable. You should always book your cars in advance as early as possible as car might be short supply during weekends. Moreover the black London Taxi cab is as much as a feature of the city scape as the red buses. The Black cab drivers are very well trained they all own proper license and very well aware of all the city roads. There are also mini cabs which are cheaper freelance competitors of black cabs but the mini cab drivers are less trained and less aware of the roads than the Black cab drivers.

Travel by Bus

London TravelLondon has an amazing bus as well as tram facility which runs across the city. Red double decker buses are iconic in London. Both double decker and single decker “bendy” buses are seen everywhere in the city.This make the communication much easier. Everyday there are nearly four million commuters getting on and off the buses. There are also night buses which commute in the city at night. More than 60 night buses run throughout the city till 4:30 am. London also has a good tram network. Tram-link exist in South London. There are three routes, one running from Wimbledon through Croydon to Elmer’s End, one running from Croydon to Beckenham and one running from Croydon to New Addington. These trams routes makes traveling for the commuters very convenient.

Travel by Train

London TravelTrain is another mode of transport in London. Many rail companies in London operate passenger trains in London. If you are staying in Southeast London where suburban trains are usually much more useful you can buy a rail card for 1 year . The tube rail as we all know is very popular throughout London and its surrounding countries. With services running every few minutes from 5:30 am in the morning to roughly 12:30 am at night. This service is extremely easy to use and very easily available. You also have very good rail services within Uk and The Europe. With the high speed passenger rail services you can travel great distances.

Travel by Ferry

London TravelYou can use the boat as well as the mode of transport. The Thames clippers really offers good commuter services. Running from 6 am upto 1 am the services give you access to the lots of river sites.

Flights to London

London TravelLondon has excellent airways facility .It has flight at regular intervals from different cities. London’s famous Heathrow airport is very popular among tourists who visit London. The flights helps the tourists to commute from different parts of the world to London. London is served by nearly every international airline which has its office in the city.Heathrow is the world’s busiest International airport. Apart from Heathrow London is served by four other major airports which includes Gatwick, Stansted, London City and Luton.Thus airways facility in London makes transport and communication much easier and convinient.

Thus London is a very well connected city .It not only has good transportation facility within Europe but throughout the world. Because of its good communication facility London has become so popular with tourists and every other people and thus it is the most happening city of Europe.

London Overview