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Night Life


As we all know that London is a city full of life and color so it is needless to say that the city has an amazing night life as well. The night life of London attracts people from all age groups starting from the young teenagers to the old all are fascinated by the night life of London.

If you are looking at a memorable night out then London is the place for it. From top London dance clubs with all kinds of music,shopping,the traditional pubs,the stylish bars,underground clubs,live entertainment and family fun are all on the menu when sun goes down in London. London’s vibrant club scene puts the city on the map as the capital of cool. Thus we can say that London is a city that never sleeps people here enjoy throughout the night. Thus you have to be in the city of London to experience its amazing night life.


London has a huge variety of night clubs among them the few which are very famous in London are


London Night Life333 is a great venue to be in,in London. It has a basement scuzziness downstairs, and an ideal lounging and drinking space at the top. The music played here is amazingly entertaining. The amazing dance floor in the basement makes you groove along with amazing music played here. Thus this amazing nightclub is very old and a very famous place to be in. 333 Old Street, EC1V 9LE

Corsica Studios

London Night LifeThis is a superbly designed two roomed club and arts venue which is very close to central London. So if you want a night where everyone is there for music then this is surely the place to be in. Thus Corsica Studios is the home of London’s oddest and most daring clubbing experiences. So if you want to have some fun and excitement then this is the place one should visit. Elephant Road, SE171LB


London Night LifeThe famous EGG night club was well prepared for the smoking ban with a fantastic garden and terrace which makes it London’s finest summer clubbing spot. The ground floor has an industrial look while the loftbar area is much sleeker. Thus it is an amazing place to be in with some of the wildest party goers flocking together. 200 York Way, NW1, London N7 9AP

The Den and Centro

London Night LifeThe Den and Centro is an amazing fantasy night club. It is a place that attracts big names and parties .It is a place where you can enjoy amazing food and music.Its a place where you can enjoy an ideal night out. 18a West Central Street, Theatreland, London WC1A 1JJ


London Night LifeFabric is a night club which has amazing music. Because of its famous brand name Fabric gets horribly crowded at times .But the best acts usually don’t come unless it is 3 am in the morning when the tourists have gone and hardcore clubbers have a space to party. Thus the weekends are full packed and attracts huge number of party hoppers who party all the the night. 77a Charterhouse Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 3HN


London Night LifeIt is one of the West End’s finest dance and music venues.It has three very smart rooms all of them having amazing sound system producing a crisp acoustic thats perfect for weekend house parties. 180/182 Hungerford Lane, Theatreland, London WC2N5NG


London Night LifeKOKO offers a great mixture of live bands and club nights that have put it at the heart of Camden night life. This night club has illustrious rock background. Thus it has become a much loved scuzzy rock club since 1990.New from July 2010: a huge 850 square foot roof terrace beneath the venue’s iconic illuminated sign, open every Friday throughout the summer. Thus its a very famous nightclub in London. 1A Camden High Street, Camden Town, London NW1 7JE


London Night LifeWith 30,000 square feet of dance floor and a capacity of 3000, SEOne is the largest true nightclub in London. It’s a classic rave location, under a series of railway arches, and the music policy is definitely on the harder side and simply amazing.The focus lights and sound boxes are the main attraction for this place. 41-43 St Thomas Street, Square Mile, London SE1 3QX

Thus London is extremely famous for its night life. The local people, the tourists all are attracted to the amazing night life of London. Thus apart from its history, culture and heritage ,London is also the most popular for its glitz, glamor and colorful night life.

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