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Top London Restaurants

London as we all know is quite famous for its various cuisines, delicious food and drinks. Starting from yummy cakes, splendid sandwiches to heart warming stews London tops the list in UK. Even in London you get the best of beverages in tea and coffee. The mouth watering British breakfast consisting of eggs, bacons, toast, tomatoes served with a beverage of your choice attracts a lot of foodies. Moreover due to London’s multicultural population you would find 60 different national cuisines from French, Italian Spanish to even Thai and Japanese. Indian food is also very popular in London. The city is also famous for its burgers, Pizzas and various cheap fast food restaurants. London is even famous for its plenty of pubs where people enjoy chilled beer old wine and other cocktails of their choice. Thus if you have taste for good food London will never disappoint you.

Restaurants In London

London is one of the most popular city when it comes to good food and multi cuisine restaurants. London has more than 6,000 licensed restaurants. With its multi dimensional culture London serves more than 60 different national cuisines and the restaurants have some of the leading chefs who are the best in business. The best part about London is you can get both cheap and expensive joints where you can enjoy your food. Thus London restaurants have been categorized under following three pricing groups- Expensive(above 70 pounds), Moderate(20-70 pounds), Cheap(up to 20 pounds) but a service charge of 12.5% is added on every bill in most of the restaurants. Different restaurants are famous for their own specialty which they serve. Thus huge number of tourists are attracted because of the different variety of food served in different restaurants. Thus this also gives the food lovers a chance to experiment different types of food and cuisines by staying in London itself.

Top 10 Restaurants In London:

Among the top 10 restaurants in London serving the best quality of food TAMADA ranks number one.


Restaurant TAMADAAs you enter Tamada it gives you a feel as if you have entered Georgia. Everything there looks, tastes and smells like Georgia. Apart from amazing food it has amazing ambiance and hospitality that attracts your attention. The food here is amazingly tasty. The main courses served are the highlights of Tamada’s menu. It serves amazing drinks and wine as well. Thus in one word the food is very fresh tasty and is of high quality. Thus if you want to have a Georgian feel then you have to visit Tamara without fail.
122 Boundary Road, St Johns Wood, London, NW8 0RH
Telephone: 020 7372 2882


Restaurants PIZZERIA PAPPAGONEPizzeria pappagone is famous for its amazing pizzas. And it serves one of the best Italian foods. Its a great place where you can enjoy the rustic Italian food with your friends and family. The ambiance and service is very friendly and you would feel like coming back again and again because of its wonderful hospitality. Apart from the best Italian food it serves amazing drinks as well that attracts a lot of people. Thus if you are an Italian food lover then you cannot miss this joint in London.
131 Stroud Green Road, London, N4 3PX
Telephone: 020 7263 2114


Restaurants PARADISE BY WAY OF KENSAL GREEN Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green is among the top three restaurants in London which serves excellent food. The ambiance is amazing where the dinning rooms are secluded from the busy bars. Chicken, pork, beef dishes are amazingly cooked and most savored by the dinners who visit here. The staff here are also very pleasant and attentive that gives you a very cordial feeling. The martini and the cocktail served here is amazing. Thus if you are out for dinner then Paradise is the place to watch out for.
9 Kilburn Lane, London, W10 4AE
Telephone: 020 8969 0098


Restaurants THE GUNThe food served here is one of the best in London. The dishes which are served are very unique and very well cooked and and amazingly well displayed. It is located right on the Thames near the Dome which is an amazing location and attracts a lot of tourists. It is a great place to have a Saturday and and a Sunday lunch sitting by the side of the river. It is also an amazing place to hold dinners and birthday parties. Thus Gun is another amazing joint in London.
27 Coldharbour, Docklands, London, E14 9NS
Telephone: 020 7515 5222


Restaurants AQUA KYOTOIts a very famous Honkong restaurant of Aqua group which has opened their joint in London. This restaurant specializes in modern Japanese cuisines. It also has a sushi bar and a sumibiyaki charcoal grill. You can also sip good cocktails in aqua spirit bar in one of the three terraces. On the whole its an amazing place to be in.
5th Floor, 240 Regent Street (entrance at 30 Argyll Street), Oxford Circus, London,
Telephone: 020 7478 0540

Les Deux Salons

Restaurants Les Deux SalonsThe food here is ok. But the service is fast the ambiance and people are very friendly. It serves good barbecued food. The starters served here are also good. Thus you can enjoy your meal in this restaurant as well.
42-44 William IV Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2N 4DD
Telephone: 020 7420 2050


Restaurants THE MEDIEVAL BANQUETThis Medieval Banquet is near the Tower of London. The evening includes two hours of theater and themed entertainment; a four-course banquet unlimited wine and beer with the meal and an open bar, music and dancing until late is an amazing attraction for tourists. Thus tourists keep coming back for this attraction and amazing food and drinks.
Ivory House, St Katharines Dock, London, E1W 1BP
Telephone: 020 7480 5353


Restaurants WAHACAIt is a lovely place with great food. The people are friendly and attentive. The food and drinks menu is very interesting with a lot of variety. And the place is extremely reasonable so you can get food at a very cheapest cost.
66 Chandos Place, Covent Garden, London, WC2N 4HG –
Telephone: 020 7240 1883


WAHACA THE LITTLE FRENCH RESTAURANTThe food here is amazingly tasty and people keep coming back to this place because of it’s tasty food warm and homely ambiance and a very good value for money. Wines and other drinks are very popular in this restaurant and that attracts a lot of people to this place. Thus it is one of the best places to spend your evening and that too at a reasonable rate.
18 Hogarth Place, Earls Court, London, SW5 0QY
Telephone: 020 7370 0366

Thus London is famous for its amazing food. You can explore different cuisines from different countries in the city itself. Moreover you can get both cheap and expensive restaurants to satisfy your hunger.

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