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Things to do

Top Things to do in London

A visit to London stands out as a dream come true for many travelers. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world which bustles with life and activity all the way. Steeped in the legacy of the British Empire, the city offers you plethora of tourist spots right from ancient to modern. When you visit the city, there are a variety of London Excursions in which you can participate. This makes your visit to London a fascinating experience altogether. A look at some of the top notch London Excursions will always excite you as a traveler as they are interesting and buzzes with activity.

Kew Gardens

Kew GardensKew Gardens is one of the most beautiful places to visit the city and ideal for an excursion. It is located on the western side and you can take a boat ride down river Thames to come here. The diverse horticulture available at the place amazes you and its legacy goes back to the 17th century. The Palm house at the garden stands out as a fascinating piece of architectural wonder.

Windsor Castle

Windsor CastleAs London is enriched with fascinating monuments, the Windsor Castle can be an ideal choice for a London Excursion. The castle consists of Dolls House and St. Georges Chapel which are two unique pieces of architecture. You can get buses from various city intersections to reach here. The castle symbolizes the great heritage of the city to the outside world as the residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.


Kew GardensIf you are a nature and adventure lover, you should check out Stonehenge which is attributed as a place to watch out for. The wondrous arrangement of rocks dating back to 5000 long years amazes you as a traveler. The local buses of London take you straight to this idyllic place.


BathWhen you are a visit to London you should not miss out on an excursion to Bath. A boat ride down the meandering Avon River takes you to this place. You can visit a collection of spots like the pump room, an ancient Roman bath and the home of Jane Austen, the noted novelist.


BrightonAn excursion to Brighton can also make your London trip memorable. This kind of an outing if undertaken should be planned for a day. A train from Kings cross railway station takes you to the place. It has a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, pubs and clubs. You are bound to enjoy the diversity and buzz of life here.


OxfordOxford is perfect for an excursion by foot. Considered as an educational hub, the Oxford University stands out as its prime attraction. The tube from Paddington station takes you here directly.


EdinburghA visit to Edinburgh is one of the most fascinating aspects of excursions in London. You can discover the brilliant architecture of the Edinburgh castle, the scenic beauty of the Midlands countryside and the rural markets located here. Trains from Kings Cross are available in high frequencies.


SalisburyAn ideal place for London Excursions, Salisbury depicts a tryst with history through its marvelous castle. This small town is known for its culture and there are loads of outlets for shopping buffs.


WarwickA sought after place if you are planning a short excursion from the city, Warwick is known for its splendid castle. You take a step back in time which extends to 1000 years. The natural beauty surrounding the castle simply charms your senses.


As one of the idyllic towns, a short excursion to Dover takes you a glance away from the White Cliffs. The Dover Castle peeps from the background and looks simply stunning. You can take many luxury coach buses from Central London to arrive here.

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