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Paris Overview

Paris, the capital of France is one of the most famous centers in the sphere of arts, fashion, politics, business and science. It is one of the greatest city’s on earth as far as beauty is concerned. Though New Yorkers and Londoners would argue but in terms of architecture,art , history and sheer extravagance Paris wins hands down. It attracts 30 million visitors from all over the world.

Paris Eiffel tower

Paris is a city full of life. If you spend few days in Paris that will itself give you a taste of how to live your life. Paris is one of the most visited cities of the world people from different parts of the world come to Paris to enjoy its beauty. When you walk along the river Seine it gives you an amazing feeling. It is evident that even the finer things in life are appreciated in this city. Paris has exhausted all the superlatives of being the best city.

Paris River Tour
Paris probably has the most familiar landmarks than any other city of the world. There are two facets of the city, the visitors come from all over the world to enjoy the nightlife in Paris, extravagant life style, then the people out here are who doesn’t want to speak English. On the other hand the amazing architectural beauty of Eiffel Tower or the spire of Notre Dame portrays the other facet of the city. More over if you are visiting Paris you can’t stop indulging yourself in the culinary ecstasy of the city. From morning breakfast till the dinner you have great food to satisfy your hunger. From neighborhood bistro to the Michelin starred restaurant are the famous dinning in Paris.

Paris brings out the romance in every soul. Art lovers, style buffs and gourmets are particularly well catered for if they want to visit the top attractions in Paris, while tourists indulge in world-famous attractions like the Eiffel Tower. Families with children enjoy the fantastic delights of Euro Disney, which is within easy reach of the city.

Paris museums and monuments are by far the highest esteemed attractions. The city’s most prized museum the Louvre sees over 8 million visitors a year,being by far the world’s best visited art museum. Cathedral’s are also an attraction in Paris.

Paris is also famous for its entertainment and performing arts. Theater has taken a very large place in Parisian culture. It is also famous for its famous Operas .The classical ballets and operas are so popular that it is one of the major attractions for the tourists.

Paris is also quite famous for its academics ,the famous university of Paris has students from the different parts of the world.

Whenever you travel to Paris it will always be a vacation to remember. For all its classical beauty the city center is actually a fairly modern creation. Thus Paris is an amazing city to visit if you awaiting a vacation then Paris is the place to go where you can find utmost fun and enjoyment.

Paris Overview