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Paris is one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.More over if you are visiting Paris you can’t stop indulging yourself in the culinary ecstasy of the city.From morning breakfast till the dinner you have great food to satisfy your hunger. From neighborhood bistro to the Michelin starred restaurant dinning out in Paris is of amazing joy.

Top 10 restaurants in Paris that serves real good food are :

Atelier Maître Albert

Attractions in ParisThis is a very classy restaurant where one can get great food. The restaurant specializes in spit roasted meat. Different types of soups are also very famous in this restaurant. One of the soups for which the chef is very famous is the artichoke with spiced bread and wild mushroom. The food here is very well presented and the service is also very good as well. It serves amazing drinks as specifically the wine menu attracts a lot of people. Both the food quality as well as the cooking is excellent in this place. Interesting food, good service , reasonable price are the most important attractions of this place.

L’Avant Goût

Attractions in ParisChristophe Beaufront’s cheerful red-and-yellow bistro provides the perfect excuse to see the villagey Butte-aux-Cailles neighbourhood.A classic dish is the updated pot-au-feu de cochon – various cuts of pork served with sweet potatoes, fennel and a glass of spiced broth. Different types of soups are also a great salable menu of the restaurant.It also serves traditional French food with a modern touch.Its a must visit Paris restaurant if you like good food and good wine.

Le Buisson Ardent

Attractions in ParisThe painted glass panels dating from 1925 would be reason enough to visit this bistro, but the kitchen also makes a big effort with inventive dishes.Few popular dishes being scallops from Erquy with a lime-coriander emulsion and roasted sweet potatoes, and mango tarte tatin with lemon froth.It also has a very décor and and very served out menus.The menu is a creative blend of well known basics, and the execution is delicious. This restaurant is a must try one is Paris.

Mon Vieil Ami

Attractions in Paris
This place serves only good and quality food. The updated medieval dining rooms stone walls and dark wooden tables gives a great effect to this place.God service and great atmosphere are the key points of this place.Among the mains, red mullet might come in a bouillabaisse sauce with sautéed baby artichokes, and the shoulder of lamb with white beans, preserved lemon, and cilantro has become a classic.Its one of those reasonable priced place with some great food.

Les Papilles

Attractions in ParisIt looks like a long, narrow wine shop with some tables and a bar, but Les Papilles is home to a chef with haute cuisine Go for the four-course menu, which brings sophisticated bistro cooking served family style in cast-iron and copper pots, and choose your wine straight off the shelves .Its a very good food joint that attracts a lot of people.

Le Pré Verre

Attractions in ParisIt’s rare to find a French chef who successfully incorporates Asian spices into bistro classics. The trademark dish being suckling pig with spices, making the restaurant so popular.Good food is served at a reasonable price and makes the hotel popular among people.


Attractions in ParisIt is one of the best bistros of Paris and also one of the most fabulous value for money. The food served here is delicious and it the service is also amazing.It has a very well spread out menu that attracts a lot of people. So if you are a food lover then you must visit this joint.

L’Ambassade d’Auvergne

Attractions in ParisThis is a amazing food joint showcases the culinary bounty of France’s most isolated region, the Auvergne, whose pork products are widely celebrated.salad with apples and pieces of country ham; pork braised with cabbage, turnips, and white beans; or grilled tripe sausages with mashed potatoes and Cantal cheese with garlic are few popular dishes.So it a very popular food joint of Paris.

Breizh Café

Attractions in ParisThough the cafe is small but still it is very famous and attracts loads of people every day.It serves good food that attracts people .The service here is warm and friendly.So you can come enjoy nad satisfy your hunger out here.

Au Bon Accueil

Attractions in ParisThe food here is excellent.Wonderful restaurant, truely French, 1 block from the base of Eiffel Tower.For a special occasion it would be great. And when you come out the door look to your right and you have a fab view of the Eiffel Tower .The atmossphere is romantic (although a bit touristy – but that is this area) but service is professional and friendly.It is one of the best places in Paris.

So we can say that Paris is famous for its food.So if you are visiting Paris then you must try out the different types of food served here.There are loads of good and reasonable food joints where you can enjoy good food.

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