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Rome Overview

A collage of pictures, a rainbow of colours, a museum of antiques and an enclyopedia of history. What not is Rome? Rome, the capital of Italy, is a living witness to the bygone glorious days of the Roman Civilisation. If London embodies the royal beauty and Paris reflects the artistic beauty of Europe, Rome mirrors the architectural beauty of the continent.Sardinia

Rome packs in punch as a romantic escape, a holiday getaway and an educational destination too. Also known as the Eternal City of Europe in most history books of the world, Rome teems with visitors from along the length and breadth of the globe. No exaggeration to say that the city is a fairground where everyone from students, painters, artists, architects, sculptors and historians to beauty lovers finds every reason for indulging in their individual passions.

The tour of Rome is said to be a visit to the Eternity. Rome takes better care of its visitors by facilitating comfort and convenience for them with a host of facilities. Making the move around the city a smooth ride are the routes crisscrossing the city. All sorts of public vehicles linking the center to the suburbs around and the other parts of Italy form the transport lifeline of the city. Buses are the chief means of public transportation in Rome.

A pleasant atmosphere hangs round the city making the ambience loveable and pleasurable. Smoking is strictly prohibited in churches, art galleries, museums and at tourist spots. There are separate non-smoking compartments in trains running in and around Rome. Visitors with physical disabilities are given additonal facilities. They can visit Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Church and the Vatican Museum, on wheelchair. There are separate toilets for the use of the disabled at airports in Rome.

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A greater part of the European history lies buried in the soil of Rome. The age-old monuments which have been standing tall against the ravishing flow of time for generations, just like the ‘Grecian Urn’ in John Keats’ ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’. These enduring architectures speak of the royal era, the glorious past and the historical pride of of Rome. A walk in and around the city is an immensely pleasurable activity for the visitors to indulge in, with a deep desire to admire the joyous and ceremonious beauty of the city that Romans boast of.The city of Rome brims with multiple activities day in and day out. For the visitors there are so many things to do in Rome that they hardly get time for rest. From sightseeing to shopping, from dining to drinking, from riding to boating, from pubbing to clubbing, from reading to dancing, from cilling out to merry-making; every activity is full of kicking in Rome. Check out the page of Things to do. The city offers freedom of space to its citizens and visitors too.

One part of Rome is serene with the solemnity of monuments, libraries, museums, churches and other mammoth edifices, and the other part of the city is full of buzz with the hustle-bustle of markets and shopping centres. The traditional and the contemporary, the retro and the metro, the old and the new exist side by side throughout the cityscape. Shopping in Rome is an indulgence that is too hard to resist. Chock-a-block with brand stores, the city lures visitors into shopping, with its huge collections of trendy apparels and accessories, book and paintings, antiques and souvenirs, etc.

The food culture of Rome is an extravaganza that is rare to find in any other capital city of Europe. Both luxury and budget restaurants in Rome serve up the best of Italian, European and International cuisines to leave the visitors gaga over this extravaganza of the city. The place to be entertained with culinary pleasures including delicacies and drinks in chic and classy surroundings is Rome. There are not only indoor eateries with illumined ambience but also rooftop eating places with open-air atmosphere on the ways to tourist attractions across the city.

Rome continues to be abuzz with events in all seasons round the year. Events and festivals keep the city alive and active. Attending those is a way to feel the vibe and vibrancy of the city. Visitors find no reason for lying back and no excuse to feel inactive. Religious festivals, book festivals, food festivals and music & dance festivals are high times to cheer and chill out.

Rome Overview