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Things to do in RomeA mega cultural event in the city of Rome to be running from September to November. This cultural bonanza is an ecletic mix of contemporary performances by the world’s leading artistes, in the spheres of music, dance, theatre and opera. Though the main centre of RomaEuropa is the Auditorium Parco della Musica, artistic performances are staged in several locations across the city. During this cultural gaga, the capital city of Italy teems with music buffs and theatre lovers from around the globe.
Venue: Auditorium Parco della Musica
Date: Late October
Website: www.romacinemafest.org

Rome International Film Festival

Things to do in RomeA red carpet event of global repute in Rome. Inaugurated in 2006, the Rome International Film Festival showcasing a number of various premieres, documentaries, exhibitions, live shows and concerts in the month of October. This festival of Rome draws a crowd of biggies including directors, actors, musicians and producers from the global entertainment industry. The city gleams and glitters when the film festival is on the go.
Venue:Auditorium Parco della Musica
Date: Late October
Website: www.romacinemafest.org

Christmas Mass

Things to do in RomeThough Christmas is an International festival, it is a special attraction to expereince with wonder in the city of Rome. Held at the 16th century St Peter’s Basilica, the second largest church in the world, the Christmas celebration adds oomph to the ambience of Rome. Midnight mass, given by the Pope in St Peter’s Square each Christmas eve, is a prime attraction of the Christmas celebration festival in Rome. Needlessly to say, it is attended by a huge crowd of pilgrims.
Venue:St Peter’s Basilica
Date:24-25 December
Website: N/A

Toy Fair in Piazza Navona

Things to do in RomeA kid special festival to attend in the city of Rome, in the first week of December. Amidst the ostentatious lights and lamps, Piazza Navona springs into activity as a hub of toymakers from all over Italy and Europe at large. If you alongwith your kids are on a visit to Italy or particularly Rome, don’t miss this opportunity to catch gripping glimpses of a rich mix of art and crafts by the contemporary toymakers.
Venue:Piazza Navona
Date:First week of December
Website: N/A

Natale Di Roma or Rome’s Birthday

Things to do in RomeRome’s birthday celebration, locally known as Natale Di Roma, is one of the most glittering festivals in Italy. Italy celebrates the birthday of its capital city on 21 April; the day the city was explored in 753BC. Illumined with flamboyant lights, Rome looks as beautiful as a new bride. The appeal of this event lies in the playing of bands on Piazza del Campidoglio. Another irresistible attraction of the day is the firework on the bank of the Tiber and under the starry sky. Tourists and the natives are allowed free entry to Rome’s archaeological sites, monuments and museums on this particular day.
Venue:Aventine Hill
Date:1 April, 2012
Website: N/A

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