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Night Life

Bars & Nightlife in Rome

Rome has a palette of rich colours which are noticeable not only in the city’s architectural landscape, artistic panorama and traditional beauty, but also in the city’s nightlife cutlure. With nocturnal revellers springing into nightly activities full of fun, music and dance, the city of Rome is one of the hippest European destinations where nightlife and entertainment are synonymous.

Crisscrossing the capital city of Italy are music bars, dance bars and wine bars which cater to the needs of residents and visitors for nightly entertainment. A visit to clubs and discos, bars and pubs is the best way to feel the vibe and get into the spirit of the city. In Rome, the ambience of bars is agog with revelry, abuzz with live musical shows, vibrant with dancing steps and sprinkled with dollops of beer, wine & champagne.

In Rome, bars are the most happening places to mingle with all sorts of merry-makers including yuppies, hippies, biggies and fashionistas. The bars keep the city alive and active round the year. What has made Rome a magnet attracting travellers and tourists is the buzzing nightlife at bars and pubs. Evidently, Rome does not lag behind the other European cities when it come to holding a mirror to the city’s hip-hop nightlife culture.


Rome RestaurantsOne of the most happening nightlife spots dotting the landscape of Rome. Alexanderplatz, a renowned jazz bar, is alive and kicking for live performances of jazz musicians, both Italian and American. Chilled out ambience, friendly atmosphere, lively music. Need more? The revellers are served delicious delicacies duirng nightly music shows. To say precisely, Alexanderplatz is a hotspot of nocturnal entertainment for music buffs.

Venue: Via Ostia 9
Phone:+39 06 39742171
Hours: Mon-Sat 9pm-2am


Rome RestaurantsOnly music is not your cup of tea. Need a vibrant space to swing your head and shake your legs? Visit Alien, a bar cum disco. One of the most popular discos in the city of Rome, Alien has late nights. A favourite haunt of the hippies, yuppies, fashionistas and young visitors of the city, Alien is known for serving the best drinks. DJs keep the dance floor alive and kicking with hip hop and house tunes till the wee hours.

Venue: Via dei Baullari 37 Centro Storico near Campo de’ Fiori
Phone: +39 06 8412212


Rome RestaurantsThe nightlife hotspot to be at when you are in Rome, if you wish to be tagged “HOT” and chill out the night. Supperclub, located like a nipped bud behind the beautiful walls of Palazzo Nari, is a pool of nightly relaxation to dive into. The dimly lit interior featuring extravagant drapes is simply unforgettable. DJs and violinists keep the ambience vibrant with waves of music. Instead of sofas, there are plush white beds for the visitors to lie back and relax. Providing extra dollops of relaxation is the massage service of waitresses.

Venue: www.fabrianoboutique.com
Phone: +39 06 6880 7207

La Maison

Rome RestaurantsIf you look for luxury and elegance in the places you visit, La Maison will surley appeal to you. Adding to the lavish environment is the interior with dark red painted walls and huge chandeliers on the ceiling. The nocturnal ambience of the bar is electrifying with music ranging from hip hop, lively beat and pop to electronica. Haunted by the elite from the upper reaches of society, La Maison is a meeting point of fashion fanatics and the place to flaunt your style statement.

Venue: Vicolo dei Granari 3
Phone: +39 06 6833312

Zest Bar

Rome RestaurantsA must visit for revellers in the season of summer. Zest is an exclusive rooftop bar on the seventh floor of the Es Hotel. Designed and decorated in the Miami style, Zest is the place where you can come across the biggies from Rome’s film and fashion industry. The ambience of the bar is abuzz with the gusto of young visitors. Dinking to your heart’s content while breathing in the open atmosphere is a magical expereince that will surley drag you to Zest again and again.

Venue: Es Hotel, Via Filippo Turati 171
Phone: +39 06 444841

Hours: Sun 10.30pm-3.30am, Fri-Sat 11.00pm-4.30am

The Drunken Ship

Rome RestaurantsSupposed to be the trendiest nightlife spot in the city of Rome for the trendiest Romans. Distinguished from other venues by virtue of its postmodern design and decor, The Drunken Ship appeals to the visitors’ taste for luxury and lustre, exclusivity and elgance. This Roman bar offers every possible opportunity to have a high time over a glass of your favourite drink.

Venue: 20 Campo dei Fior
Phone: + 39 06 68300535
Hours: Daily 5pm-2am


Rome RestaurantsThe place to get a feel of musical nightlife culture in the city of Rome. Alpheus is popular with not only nightly revellers but enlightenment seekers as well. The bar consists of four halls providing huge space for seasonal events and sponsored theatrical performances. From Wenesday to Sunday, nights are full of buzz at this place of the city, where you can have a great time while enjoying cabaret and concerts.

Venue: Via del Commercio 36,
Phone: + 39 06 5747826

Jackie O’

Rome RestaurantsThe hub to be under the spell of nightlife while on a visit to Rome. Jackie O’ whose musical ambience is a craze for the young clubbers is the bar to be at for unlimted fun and joy till late hours in the night. Jackie O’ pulls a crowd of fashion-conscious stylish young yuppies. Drinks cost a little dearly, but the entertainment package on offer at Jackie O’ includes fun, drink amd music that you need to beef up your nights in Rome.

Venue: Via Boncompagni 11 Centro Storico
Phone: +39 06 42885457

Caruso Cafe de Oriente

Rome RestaurantsIf you are fond of Roman salsa and a diehard fan of Latin American music, what can be better a place than Caruso Cafe de Oriente to be at! Salsa fanatics rock the dance floor of the bar while live Latin American music performances swing the crowd. Haning out with friends or daning the night away, whatever the purpose be, Caruso Cafe de Oriente must not be missed. This bar is a must visit to catch gripping glimpses of the city’s hip-hop nightlife culture.

Venue: Via di Monte Testaccio 36
Phone: +39 06 5745019
Hours: Fri-Sat 11pm-4.30am, Sun 10.30pm-3.30am

The Gallery

Rome RestaurantsA bar cum club to wonder over the pleasures of nightlife that the city of Rome offers to its visitors. The Gallery is mostly frequented by a crowd of happy-go-lucky drinkers seeking a wide range of cocktails. Awesome is the panache of the interior decored with vibrant tones of red and yellow in a rich mix. Music freaks and art lovers too are among the visitors to this bar. Thursday night is a special night for gays at The Gallery.

Venue: 2 Via della Maddalena Centro Storico
Phone: +39 06 4818795

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