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Things to do

Hanging out around Trevi Fountain

Things to do in RomeThe Trevi Fountain is a most popular hangout in Rome. Sometimes, being amidst a milling crowd of visitors and watching their activities showers a spell of pleasure. If it is true, make sure to hang out in the area surrouding the Trevi Fountain, zipping your way through the crowd and making a wish by throwing a coin into the fountain. Watching torrents of water, brilliance of lights, jostling crowds and ceremonial coin-toss is one of the must-to-do things in Rome.

Strolling through the Green Expanse

Things to do in RomeThrowing a handful of colors all over the landscape of Rome are the beautiful gardens, scenic and serene. The city’s central public park consists of the gardents of the Villa Borghese. The solitude of serenity in these gardens is an appealing attraction to the city’s peace and pleasure seekers. A stroll through the green expanse of the gardens is not only healthy but rejuvenating an exercise for the body and the mind. Feeding your eyes on lush greenery, revitalizing the body with a walk and breathing in refreshment in the gardens of the Villa Borghese is what you would surely like to do in Rome.

Relishing Ice-creams of Seasonal Flavours

Things to do in RomeYou may be a great appetizer. But not so great, if you have not cooled your tongue with ice-creams of seasonal flavours. You might have relished ice-creams in the other cities of Europe, but Rome offers the most overwhelming experience of melting ice-creams in your mouth. You will feel being pulled by roadside ice-cream stalls while walking down the streets of Rome. What makes everyone go crazy about this delicacy is the flavour that keeps changing in every season round the year. Drop at II Gelato di San Crispino for the best taste.

Capturing Glimpses of the City’s Beauty

Things to do in RomeIs photography your passion? If yes, the city of Rome has every reason to turn your passion into an obsession. You can’t take your eyes and the camera lens off the architectural marvels and their magnificence while crisscrossing the city. Though you can drink to the ethereal beauty of piazzas, gardens, fountains, churches, monuments, hotels and other landmarks with your eyes, photography is the best means to capture the glimpses of the beauty of the city.

Indulging in Tongue-teasing Extravaganza

Things to do in RomeNext to pleasing the eyes with splendid and spectacular views of Rome is satistying the tongue with mouth-watering delicacies. Chock-a-block with bars and restaurants, the city is, no toubd, a complete food hub for the foodies. Most restaurants serve a surprising number of tounge teasers from both traditional as well as modern Italian cuisines and International cuisines. You will surley feel a lingering relish of Roman pasta dishes on your tongue even while leaving the city. So, do you have any excuse to keep away from indulging in this tongue-teasing extravaganza?

Romancing with Books over a Glass of Wine

Things to do in RomeYou are a book-smart guy. You may be in the habit of reading books at libraries. Have you ever experienced how it feels reading a book of your choice or enjoying a book-reading session over a glass of wine at a chic bar and that too at night? Thanks to Rome for housing book bars and offering such a mind-blowing experience to bookies. Whenever you are in Rome, make your way to Bibli, the largest of book bars at Bohemian Trastevere. Even if you are not a book lover, stop at these book bars to have a high time with the city’s artists and authors.

Developing an Obsession with Chocolates

Things to do in RomeChocolate is among the irresistible indulgences in the city of Rome. There are exquisite chocolate cafes offering a huge palette of chocolate sweets along the high and low of the city. Cioccolata e Vino, Moriondo & Gariglio, Sant’ Eustachio are the most happening chocolate cafes where the bite of cherry-filled candies and the sip of chocolate-flavoured coffee are simply tongue-teasing temptations. You may not be a chocolate freak, but you will love the awesome chocolate flavours of Rome.

Sipping & Sprinkling Wine at Late Night

Things to do in RomeRome offers a cosy environment and a vibrant space not only for dining but also for drinking. Without a sip of your favourite drink, nightlife in the Eternal City is as dead as dodo. Join revellers having late nights and sprinkle beer, whisky & champagne at bars with fabulous setting, dazzling chandeliers, plush armchairs and fireplace. Roman cocktails and mocktails are a must experience. Get out of your self and into the spirit of Rome while sipping into a glass of wine of your preferred brand.

Indulging in Passion of Antique Shopping

Things to do in RomeThe centre of the Roman Civilisation, Rome is most probably the only European destination offering a ragbag of antique things. If you are an antique lover and passionate about enriching your collections, pick up souvenirs, knick-knacks and age-old articles from at flea markets during your visit to Rome. Beautiful replicas of Italian monuments are a great purchase. Indulgence in shopping for antiques in Rome is sure to be one of the memorable pursuits.

Picking up Italian Fashion Trends

Things to do in RomeNext to Milan, the fashion capital of Italy, is Rome. The city is home to some of the world’s most renowned fashion brands of apparels and accessories. Whatever your taste of fahion be, Rome has a lot to cater to it. Visit designer boutiques to get to know the latest Italian fashion trends. Pick up an Italian style statement by indulging in passion for classic and chic, retro and metro fashion during Rome travel. Wandering around the fashion hubs of Rome is a must do, on a visit to Rome.

Turning the Page of Roman History

Things to do in RomeWhatever your purpose of touring Rome be, a visit to the Vatican City is a ride on time machine back to the ancient Rome. A stroll around St Peter’s Square will turn the clock back and take you back to the age-old history of the city. A stop at the Pantheon and the Colosseum to stun your eyes with the unmatched gleam and grandeur of the ancient Rome is advisable. If the city of Rome is a museum in itself, a walk through the city is like turning the pages of history.

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