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Travel Experiences

The Charm of Udine

Travel around the region of Friuli

I regret not spending more time in Udine. I was there for a bare 4-hour trip that I managed to squeeze in my busy schedule traveling around the region of Friuli. What is more, those 4 hours were the hottest of an already hot day, so my friend Sally (who is studying in Udine) and….Read more


Welcome to eastern border of Italy

Gorizia, a small but welcoming town on the Eastern border of Italy, is easily reachable by train from Venezia Santa Lucia. Before going there, all I knew about it was that in the past it was often involved in bloody conflicts because of its strategic geographic location; and that my friend Costanza would be there….Read more

Family Adventure in San Pietro Island

Camping at San Pietro Island

Last summer I was in Sardinia with my family, in a small town called Su Guventeddu (a typically Sardinian name, as you have to know that the Sardinian dialect is officially recognised as a language of its own), near the city of Cagliari, in the South. Some friends of ours were camping at San Pietro….Read more

Enjoy the Fun Rides in London

Hot air balloon rides

London rides are great attractions for visitors to this fabulous city. In addition to regular bus and metro rail rides, there are cycle rides, hot air balloon rides, and boat rides to enthral you. Be it on purpose or for thrill, London rides are always fascinating. Among the different form of rides offered, bus and metro are regular rides while the other forms are for adventure and entertainment….Read more

Hidden Attractions in Paris

Hidden Wonderful

Walking is a healthy activity for everyone. But walking in Paris, particularly for tourists, is the best bit of cherry for city exploration. No alternative to the Metro, when it comes to taking a long journey from one corner of the city to the other…..Read more