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Hidden Attractions of Paris Travel

Paris Sightseeing

Some Hidden Wonderful Attractions of Paris Travel

Walking is a healthy activity for everyone. But walking in Paris, particularly for tourists, is the best bit of cherry for city exploration. No alternative to the Metro, when it comes to taking a long journey from one corner of the city to the other. Paris is full of art museums, architectural treasures and parks, the most prominent of which find a mention in the Paris travel guide. However, the hidden surprises of the city can better be explored by walking far and wide to the less frequented corners. Here are some of the hidden attractions of Paris. They steal the show when they come to the sight.

Outdoor Sculpture Park

Outdoor Sculpture Park in Paris
If you are not tired of wondering at sculptures at The Louvre and The Rodin, direct your feet to the Outdoor Sculpture Park stretching half a kilometre along the Seine. The park houses about 50 sculptures; weird and mystifying, superb and splendid. This sculpture park is veiled from the sight by the beautiful houseboats moored along the Seine.

Museum of Industrial Works

Museum of Industrial Works in ParisComplementing the experience of travel to Paris is walking to the Museum of Industrial Works. The outstanding collection showcases many French industrial inventions which are divided into categories like scientific instruments, communication, construction, materials, mechanical items, energy and transportation. A replica of the Statue of Liberty, a model Foucault’s Pendulum and an early aeroplane, supposed to have flown in 1897 before the Wright brothers’ invention, are the sparkling stars of the collection. Stunning models of early cars, bicycles, trains, engines, batteries, cameras, televisions and industrial machines are the glimpses of French ingenuity adding to the opulence of this treasure-trove.

Jean-sans-Peur Tower

Jean-sans-PeurOne of the historic towers standing tall in France, Jean-sans-Peur Tower was built in 1409 as a means of protection for John the Fearless, the Duke of Burgandy, after the assassination of the duke’s brother was ordered. The winding flight of 140 stone stairs takes to the summit of the tower. It houses some remarkable sculptures.

Dog Cemetary

Dog Cemetary in ParisThe Dog Cemetary, supposed to be the first ever pet cemetary in not only France but also the world, is located in Clichy a Parisian suburb. The exploration of this cemetary by walking will add a new chapter of wonder to your book on Paris travel. It was built more than 100 years ago. Parisians are known for their affection for the canine animals, which is reflected by the ornate epitaphs of different pets. The graves of other beloved pets like cats, goldfish and a lion are found in this cemetary.

Géode and Parc de la Villette

Géode and Parc de la Villette in ParisOf the hidden attractions of Paris, Géode and Parc de la Villette may not be mentioned in the Paris travel guide. Near the impressive Parc de la Villette is Geode a huge mirrored ball. The outer surface shines with sparkles. Inside the Geode is an IMAX like film. This hidden wonder is part of the largest science museum in Europe, which also stores a submarine, a planetarium , Cinaxe a hydraulic cinema and several hands-on displays.