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London Rides

The different avenues of exploring this magnificent city

London rides are great attractions for visitors to this fabulous city. In addition to regular bus and metro rail rides, there are cycle rides, hot air balloon rides, and boat rides to enthral you. Be it on purpose or for thrill, London rides are always fascinating. Among the different form of rides offered, bus and metro are regular rides while the other forms are for adventure and entertainment.


London Thrill Rides

If we are talking about rides in London, then the option without which we can’t proceed further is nothing other than the various Thrill rides in London. The best place to enjoy them to the fullest is nowhere other than the Thorpe Park. It is one of the popular theme parks in the capital city and is even unofficially referred as the “UK’s Thrill Capital.”

If you are really looking for an adrenal pumping adventure then this amusement park situated few miles south of the Heathrow Airport will surely seem to be a paradise to the adventurer sitting within you.

The park showcases several roller coasters and water rides bearing fascinating names like, Inferno, Rush, Colossus, Vortex, Detonator, Nemesis, and Stealth, Slammer and many more.

Although the park is located lying about 20 miles southwest of the city hear, still the location is quite convenient. If your hotels is situated anywhere in Central London then you can comfortably reach it by taking the South West train from Waterloo Station to the Staines Station. Otherwise, availing the direct Thorpe Park shuttle bus from Staines will also take you to the Park. In case you have a car, then it is absolutely easy to reach the park. The season time in the park ranges from mid- February to early September. The park remains open just through the weekends on the first month of the season and generally every day during the other months from 9:30am – 6pm. During August it remains open till 8 pm. If you haven’t enjoyed the various thrill rides in Thorpe Park, being in London, then your trip is somehow incomplete.

London Bicyle Rides

London Cycle Rides

Cycle rides in London are an adventurous option of exploring this capital city and its surrounding areas. Traffic free trails, parks, and Thames banks are the ideal areas of discovering this city on a bicycle. Maritime Greenwich and London Wetland Centre are other attractions that are best covered on cycles. In Central London, trails to Kensington and Buckingham Palaces, Isle of Dogs ride, Hackney Parks, and Tower Bridge to Greenwich are exemplary cycling routes. In West London Tamsin Trial in Richmond Park, Little Venice to Horsenden Hill, Hampton Court to Putney, Uxbridge to Rickmansworth, and Thames Ride are among the outstanding routes. For exploring South London on cycles, Sidcup Loop, Wandle Trail, Wimbledon to Sutton, Croydon to Petts Wood, Southwest London Commons, and Waterlink Way are perfect. In East London, Royal Albert Dock to Victoria Park, Ingrebourne Valley, Royal Albert Dock to Victoria Park, Rainham Marshes, and Greenwich to Thamesmead are wonderful cycling routes.

London balloon Rides

For the adventure lovers London offers an opportunity for exploring the city in hot air balloons. There are nine launching sites near London that take you to this exhilarating tour. However balloon rides are subject to clear weather and Air Traffic restrictions. This ride is available from end April to August middle.